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Blasphemy - 29 articles
Ordinary Terrorists
Muslim extremists in Pakistan do not always belong to dangerous groups.

Ordinary Terrorists
Muslim extremists in Pakistan do not always belong to dangerous groups.

Valparaiso Repents For Holding Interfaith 9/11 Service
"Book pulled for pilfered preaching, Griswold says homosexuality as we understand it not mentioned in Bible, and other stories from online sources around the world"


Boasting - 2 articles
'We Now Know'
The boast of imperial science.

When you tell others about your church, is honesty the best policy?

Complaining - 3 articles
Rabble Roused
The complainers place me in an awkward position, seeking God on their behalf when I'd rather give them the boot.

Wiring Yourself for Lightning

How to respond (and not respond) to chronic complainers.

Cursing - 4 articles
Joyous Cursing
Was Dale Earnhardt Jr. right about profanity?

The USCIRF Is Only Cursing the Darkness
The increasingly irrelevant U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom seems intent on attacking even those countries making improvements.

Matters of Opinion: Trashy Talk
Former Indiana coach Bobby Knight provokes examination of current speech standards as he continues to rage against the dying light.


Excuses - 5 articles
Recruiting and Keeping Teachers

Ten Excuses

From the Editors


Falsehood - 8 articles
Pakistan Sentences Another Christian to Death
Now two on death row, five appealing life sentences

Mike Warnke, Christian Solidarity International Respond to Hoax Claims. (Actually, They Don't.)
Plus other stories from around the world

Unification Church: Inside Moon's Unhappy Family
Church founder's ex-daughter-in-law pens grim tome about life on the inside.


Faultfinding - 1 articles

Flattery - 4 articles
Essays on Christian Character

"Seasons Change, and So Do Pastors"

The Changing Seasons of Ministry
Younger pastors and older pastors face different temptations and enjoy different rewards.


Gossip - 7 articles
Stopping Gossip

Nip It in the Bud

How You Should Study'
In a letter, Thomas shares his tips for academic success.


Lies - 54 articles
Dealing With Deception

Jack Kelley Urged to Pursue Counseling
'A broken man' turns to Christian colleagues for support.

Bogus Claims of Abuse Leveled Against Martyred Missionary
Church opposes suspension of atheist pastor, and many other stories from online sources around the world.


Lying - 16 articles
Dealing With Deception

"Editor's Bookshelf: Amazing Myths, How Strange the Sound"
"An interview with Steve Turner, the author of Amazing Grace: The Story of America's Most Beloved Song."

The Church of Cards


Mocking - 1 articles
A Seeming Lack of Support from Religious Conservatives Forces White House to Postpone Faith-Based Initative
"Ted Turner's latest stupid comment, and other stories from mainstream media sources around the world."

Murmuring - 1 articles
To Quote

Profanity - 5 articles
Is a Clean Movie Unrealistic?
Christian film reviewers look at Little Secrets, Simone, One Hour Photo, and Serving Sara, and readers debate movie-editing software.

Broadcasts Include Dobson's NRB Speech on Focus and the F-Word on Network TV
The Ten Commandments, St. Benedict's business advice, and other stories.

Romeo Must Die


Rumor - 8 articles
"The Dick Staub Interview: Philip Yancey, the Rumor-Monger"
"The author's latest is written not for Christians, but for those on the borderlands of belief."
Gujarat Religious Survey Troubles Indian Christians
Government of Indian state says it has been gathering statistics on the minority at the behest of federal officials

Trying the High Road

Slander - 5 articles
How to Get Fired In One Easy Step
Plus: The sexiest church online, the dangers of linking to Christianity Today, and other stories from around the globe.

Israel: Firebombs Threaten Messianic Jews
Balkan evangelicals feel strain of ethnic cleansing.

From the Editor


Swearing - 6 articles
Double Indemnity Meets Dead Souls
A conversation with novelist Richard Dooling

Watch Your Mouth
"Church controversies in Britain and Australia focus on a dirty word, the Word of God, and whether premarital sex is really a sin."

"Run, Run, Chomp, Chomp"
Critics sink their teeth into Jurassic Park 3 and America's Sweethearts. Plus a question about movie profanities


Tongue - 8 articles
When to Back Off
Preaching Through Controversy
Weighing Character


Words - 237 articles
Word Become Flesh
Quotations to Stir Heart and Mind

Nothing to Read

"West, Meet East"
Who Are the Christians in the Middle East? examines millions of forgotten believers