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Bondage, spiritual - 6 articles
"Big Numbers, Big Problems"
Christianity is in the midst of a massive global shift. But how much of a difference is it making in its new homelands?


The Leadership survey on Pastors and Internet Pornography

Brokenness - 43 articles
The Good Fight
4 spiritual disciplines to keep fights from scarring your soul.

American Idols
Larry Crabb says there's something better than control and success.

When Is a Broken Person Ready to Lead?


Childishness - 2 articles
Your World: Every Day is Casual Friday
Anxiety hangs over a culture when adults act like children.

To Illustrate…

Consequences - 16 articles
The War Within Continues

Why Deciding Is Only Half the Battle

Strategies to Keep From Falling


Correction - 14 articles
Taking the Unpopular Stand

When You Need to Motivate -- or Correct

When You Need to Confront


Corruption - 46 articles
Wall Watchers Admits Error in Ministry Critique
In addition, three other organizations removed from group's Transparency Watch list

Two Years for China Bible Smuggler is Two Years Too Many—But It's Better than Death
Plus: Ralph Reed reportedly connects Enron to White House, and more horrible deaths at an evangelistic rally in Nigeria.

Gong's 'Accusers' Claim Torture Induced False Confessions
Letters from imprisoned Christian women in China describe assaults with electric clubs


Crime - 224 articles
The Opposite of Free Love
Dispatches from the World of Human Trafficking

Atheist No More, Flew Still Rejects Revelation
Plus: LA Times praises Jesus, Eames says ECUSA won't be disciplined, China's Craze Mass, and other stories from online sources around the world.

New York's New Hope
From inner-city gardens, to fine-art exhibitions, to political activism, street-smart churches are changing the culture of America's largest and most dynamic city.


Darkness, figurative - 5 articles
Seducing the Underworld
Christian's story in Moulin Rouge

"Big Numbers, Big Problems"
Christianity is in the midst of a massive global shift. But how much of a difference is it making in its new homelands?

Arts: The Artist as Sinner
Ann Snowberger Bieber found God by painting the darkness she saw around herself-and inside herself.


Deafness, figurative - 1 articles
"Big Numbers, Big Problems"
Christianity is in the midst of a massive global shift. But how much of a difference is it making in its new homelands?

Death, spiritual - 3 articles
"Big Numbers, Big Problems"
Christianity is in the midst of a massive global shift. But how much of a difference is it making in its new homelands?

Coming to Terms
Five key phrases in the hell debate.
United Kingdom: Hell Isn't Obsolete, Brits Say
Hell Isn't Obsolete, Brits Say

Depravity - 9 articles
Sin and Evil
Quotations to stir heart and mind.

Rabbit Trails to God
John Updike has made a career of writing the most theological novels in America

Resistance Movement
Looking beneath the surface of pop culture


Discipline - 54 articles
The Lord Our God Is One
Three Christians trace their roots back to the Hebrew Bible-and encounter God's present-day chosen people.

Forgetting God
Why decadence drives out discipline.

Pondering a Divorce
Some United Methodists think their differences are irreconcilable.


Dishonor - 3 articles
The Prince Turned Pauper
Matters of Opinion: The New Scarlet Letter
Call someone a fundamentalist and watch what happens.

Colson: Scouts' Dishonor
The judge told the Scouts just what their oath meant—and didn't mean.

Disobedience - 8 articles
When a Child Strays
Four Dozen Nigerian Christians Murdered in Church
Plus: John Kerry endorses amendment against gay marriage, and other stories from online sources around the world.

Baptist Minister Killed in Tajikistan
Plus: Conservative Episcopalians sketch out plan, Jack Kelley now accused of lifting sentences, and other stories from online sources around the world.


Fall of humanity - 23 articles
Word Become Flesh
Quotations to Stir Heart and Mind

Vegetarians in Paradise
Based on Isaiah 11:6-7 and 65:25, will we be vegetarians in the new heaven and earth as Adam and Eve were before the Fall?

Reflected Glory
What does Genesis mean by man being made in the image of God?


Faults - 4 articles
The Trauma of Transparency
Victory Out of Defeat
Jim and Tammy Faye Together Again
Plus: 50 dead after Muslim attacks in Indonesia, Billy Graham's last crusade (until November) and other stories from the world's mainstream media sources.


Flesh - 9 articles
Why Paul Loved His Body
2 Corinthians doesn't teach that flesh and spirit are opposites, Michael Wittmer says.

Flesh and Blood in the Magic Kingdom
Frederick Buechner's most recent works shed light on the shadows of the human heart

The Tao Made Flesh
Rediscovering the ancient roots of Chinese Christianity


Folly - 4 articles
The enigmatic folly of the Cross.

Church Opens Injecting Room in Sydney to Help People 'Almost Out of Reach'
But is helping heroin addicts inject themselves an act of compassion or foolishness?

You've Got 26-Year-Old Legends!
Plus: The anti-woman Bible, and North Dakota's Supreme Court tells judges to stay out of religious entanglement.


Foolishness - 14 articles
Who Has the Authority to Ban Satan?
Plus: Herod's death revealed, and the school flier that almost undid more than two centuries of religious freedom.

Zion Haste
Does the passion of a few nineteenth-century Chicagoans still influence American policy in the Middle East?

Serving the Rich Fool


Hindrances - 4 articles
Manipulating the Linguistic Code
Religious language falling into the hands of scientists can be a fearful thing

A Tale of Two Brothers
Like many siblings, John and Charles Wesley often clashed— and the Methodist movement profited.

Russia: Training Shortfall May Imperil Growth


Human condition - 20 articles
Unwell in a New Way

Holydays and Holidays

Handling Sexual Temptation


Human nature - 46 articles
Unwell in a New Way

Unintelligent Debate
It's time to cool the rhetoric in the Intelligent Design dispute.

Handling Sexual Temptation


Immaturity - 8 articles
What's to Become of Tom?
The kid is self-absorbed and directionless. I don't like him. Does he have a future as a leader?

Finding God's Will, or Hearing God's Voice?
Rejecting formulas to find guidance

Small Worldview


Mistakes - 66 articles
Navigating common errors in times of crisis
A thriving church sank, not because it hit an iceberg, but because of six leadership mistakes afterward.

Keeping Enemies Close
Weighing Character


Motives - 55 articles
U.S. Protestant Majority Gone By End of Year, Says Survey
Plus: Christians in Iraq, Terri Schiavo, Moore's monument, home churches, and other stories from online sources around the world.

New Fuel Source
Strong to the Finish

Original Sin - 26 articles
Beyond Virtue and Vice
"Some morals are absolute, but they are not ultimate"

Original Sin
Slavery and the biblical curse of Ham.

Desperately Wicked
Reckoning with evil


Pleasure, sinful - 12 articles
A Sequel with Metal Claws and a Moral Backbone
Christian critics consider X2: X-Men United, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, The Dancer Upstairs, Bend It Like Beckham, and The Real Cancun.

Matrix Sequel Flaunts Flashy Effects, Tedious Talk
Christian film critics find little enthusiasm for The Matrix Reloaded, Down with Love, or Daddy Day Care, but they are impressed with Man on the Train

Race and Redemption in a Holes -some Family Film
"Holes trips up some viewers but holds treasure for others. Reviewers find flaws in A Mighty Wind, Bulletproof Monk, Malibu's Most Wanted, Chasing Papi, and XXX, while praising Levity and Rivers and Tides. Plus: An invitation to weigh in on the subject of"


Scandal - 55 articles
Breaking Covenant
Latin America director of Casa Alianza had sex with a teen.

TBN Under the Microscope
Newspaper investigates Christian network over sex charges, spending.

Former TBN Employee Alleges Gay Tryst With Paul Crouch
TBN boss paid $425,000 to silence claims, but accuser now wants $10 million.


Self-centeredness - 25 articles
From Duty to Delight
I'd become self-absorbed and numb. Could I learn to live and love again?

Pastor Narcissus
Redirecting the Self-seeking


Sin - 385 articles
You Say Choice, I Say Murder
Before prolife arguments can reach the undecided American, we have got to look at the language we use.

Unwell in a New Way

A Horseless Carriage?
Letter Regarding Issue 8.2


Sin, avoidance of - 6 articles

The Seven Deadly Signs
Ministries that think they can do no financial wrong deceive themselves.

Editorial: We've Got Porn
Online smut is taking its toll on Christians. What is the church doing about it?


Sin, confession of - 11 articles
An Unpopular Topic
Marguerite Shuster explores what we have become as sinners.

Good for the Soul

Russia: Ready to Stand on Their Own?
In the former Soviet Union, evangelical churches are growing but not yet mature.


Sin, conviction of - 3 articles
Missionary David Brainerd was astonished by the Spirit's work.

The Anguish and Agonies of Charles Spurgeon
Debilitating gout, poisonous slander, recurring depression—Spurgeon suffered them all. What happened to his faith as a result?

Effective preaching feeds both the mind and the emotions.

Sin, punishment for - 6 articles
How the Clergy Sexual Abuse Scandal Affects Evangelical Churches
Sin and secrecy aren't limited to Roman Catholics, say pastors and scholars

World Publisher Apologizes for 'Clumsy' Editorial
"More on the World Trade Center crosses, every publication in the world notices America's spiritual boom, and other stories on the 9/11 fallout."

Judgment Day
God promised that calamity would follow disobedience. So why are we quick to dismiss it as a reason for the September 11 attacks?


Sin, struggle against - 35 articles
An Overlooked Casualty of a "Victimless" Sin

The War Within Continues

The War Within


Sin, toleration of - 14 articles
The War Within

Screwtape's Strategies for Pastors
Inside Politics: Love the President, Hate the Policy
At Willow Creek conference, President Clinton reviews his moral failures, details his spiritual recovery.


Sinful nature - 11 articles
Dick Staub Interview: Jerry Bridges Is Still Pursuing Holiness
After 25 years, The Pursuit of Holiness is a classic.
Desperately Wicked
Reckoning with evil

Whatever Happened to Repentance?
We've come to think our faith is about comfort. It's not


Sinner - 7 articles
Unwell in a New Way

Deliver Us from Evil
The films of Paul Schrader show that he got the most important part of his Calvinist upbringing right.

Surprised by Death
A young pastor discovers what grace looks like while battling cancer.


Stumbling blocks - 13 articles
After the Affair: A Wife's Story

I Can't See Any Progress
Occupational Hazards

Temptation - 120 articles
Baptism + Fire
Suffering may build character, but ultimately it's not about us.

Cheated by the Affirming Church
Contrary to what some churches teach, it is homosexuality—and not its suppression—that enslaves people like me.

Pulling Weeds From Your Field of Dreams


Uncleanness - 2 articles
The Untouchables' Church
Despite a Catholic bishop's protest suicide in 1998, Christians hold little hope for repeal of blasphemy law.

Counseling Rape Victims

Unrighteousness - 2 articles
Epicurus'—and Darwin's—Dangerous Idea
How we became hedonists

Bad Boys Trying to Be Good
Critics respond to a reckless Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars—Episode 2 and a shallow single guy in About a Boy. Plus: a preview of a movie about a good cop going bad—Insomnia

Vices - 3 articles
Sin Sells
"'s Vice Fund invests in gambling, tobacco, and alcohol"

Gambling Away the Golden Years
Casinos are seducing an alarming number of seniors. Where is the church?

Classic and contemporary excerpts