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Adultery - 70 articles
What God Hath Not Joined
Why marriage was designed for male and female.

When Marriage Brings Suffering
The meaning of marital covenants in bleak seasons.

Counseling the Seductive Female


Carnality - 2 articles
Landing the Gospel Account
A Minneapolis ad executive leaves a lucrative career to market the message

How I realized I Was Hurting People

Fornication - 9 articles
A Horseless Carriage?
Letter Regarding Issue 8.2

Lovingly Leveling with Live-ins

What Does New Condom Study Really Say About Teen Sexual Activity?
Texas becomes 37th state to enact a Defense of Marriage Act, and other stories from online sources around the world


Immorality - 52 articles
Controlling the Flow of Information

Restoring a Fallen Colleague

After the Fall


Lust - 41 articles
The Virtue of Lust?
So says philosopher Simon Blackburn.

What the Rules Don’t Cover

An Overlooked Casualty of a "Victimless" Sin


Masturbation - 3 articles
Sex Ed. For Adults
God-given longings in a broken world.

They've Gotta Have It
The impossibility of being celibate


Pleasure, sinful - 12 articles
A Sequel with Metal Claws and a Moral Backbone
Christian critics consider X2: X-Men United, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, The Dancer Upstairs, Bend It Like Beckham, and The Real Cancun.

Matrix Sequel Flaunts Flashy Effects, Tedious Talk
Christian film critics find little enthusiasm for The Matrix Reloaded, Down with Love, or Daddy Day Care, but they are impressed with Man on the Train

Race and Redemption in a Holes -some Family Film
"Holes trips up some viewers but holds treasure for others. Reviewers find flaws in A Mighty Wind, Bulletproof Monk, Malibu's Most Wanted, Chasing Papi, and XXX, while praising Levity and Rivers and Tides. Plus: An invitation to weigh in on the subject of"


Polygamy - 8 articles
Heart of Truthfulness
African Methodists provide hope to a troubled church.

Sowing Confusion
One small ruling for Texas; one giant leap into a cultural abyss

President (on TV) Calls God a 'Feckless Thug' and Worse
"Trinity Western can teach teachers and believe homosexuality is a sin, Richard Mouw thinks polygamy should be legalized, and other stories from media sources around the Internet."


Pornography - 97 articles
The Opposite of Free Love
Dispatches from the World of Human Trafficking

Cheated by the Affirming Church
Contrary to what some churches teach, it is homosexuality—and not its suppression—that enslaves people like me.

What Else Pat Robertson Said
Plus: World Vision teams with Ricky Martin, Halloween hit from both sides, TBN update, and other stories from online sources around the world.


Prostitution - 31 articles
The Opposite of Free Love
Dispatches from the World of Human Trafficking

What God Hath Not Joined
Why marriage was designed for male and female.

Good News for the Lost, Imprisoned, Abducted, and Enslaved
Lawyers and investigators at the International Justice Mission have learned that sharing the gospel means going into the heart of darkness.


Self-indulgence - 12 articles
Perennial Diet Wars

To Hell on a Cream Puff
Gluttony makes you soft and lovable. It's the cute sin.

Rx for Gluttony
Even Christian diet experts rarely talk about it anymore. But the early monks did, and for good reason.


Sensuality - 3 articles
Fuller Seminary to Create Interfaith Code of Ethics
"Statement prohibits proselytizing, but school leaders say gracious evangelism still acceptable. Huh?"

Too Racy for Bible Study
Origen could not believe the Song of Songs was a hymn to erotic love. So what did it mean?

Naked Truths
"Critics weigh in on what makes nudity in film wrong, right, and R-rated"

Sexual addiction - 17 articles
The War Within Continues

The War Within

Counseling Sexual Addicts


Sexual Immorality - 223 articles
A Horseless Carriage?
Letter Regarding Issue 8.2

Grace's Third Way

Same-Sex Marriage: What Can I Say?
Four pastors discuss the pressures and opportunities of the current controversy.


Uncleanness - 2 articles
The Untouchables' Church
Despite a Catholic bishop's protest suicide in 1998, Christians hold little hope for repeal of blasphemy law.

Counseling Rape Victims

Unfaithfulness - 2 articles
The Pacynskis: Turning the Tables
Directions: You're Divorced—Can You Remarry?