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Coveting - 2 articles
I Want
Thou shalt not covet

Trapped in the Cult of the Next Thing
If ever there was a cult that gave us stones when we asked for bread, this is it.

Covetousness - 3 articles
I Want
Thou shalt not covet

The Culture of the Market: A Christian Vision
A Coptic bishop explains biblical economics to a Muslim newspaper

From the Archives: Desiderius Erasmus
The Despising of Riches (c 1488) Based on the translation by Thomas Paynells, as it appeared in the Bethelet edition of 1533.

Embezzling - 11 articles
Insuring Financial Integrity

Where Churches Are Vulnerable

Death Toll Rises Above 30 As Unholy War Continues in Indonesia
Plus: Toledo priest accused of killing nun, Britain's new religious education guidelines, looking for Noah's ark, and other stories from online sources around the world.


Envy - 12 articles
The Power of a Clean Heart
Minding My Own Business
"Rich, Delighted Christians"
The Good of Affluence aims to give leadership to wealthy Christians moved and troubled by their fortune


Gambling - 47 articles
The New Gambling Goliath
Christian activists struggle to slow the rapid growth of Indian casinos.

The Search for Redemption
Confession without remorse.

Bush Addresses Evangelicals; Gay Marriage Halted in Calif., Gay Marriage Ban Proposed in Mass.
Plus: Hundreds of other stories from online sources around the world


Greed - 69 articles
Pulling Weeds From Your Field of Dreams

Pulling Weeds from Your Field of Dreams

The Pain of Gain
How Much is Enough? describes how we turn to fleeting satisfactions and away from God


Jealousy - 7 articles
Minding My Own Business
Seven Sirens

Number Eight

Materialism - 80 articles
The Confidence Man
Meet Mark C. Taylor, the virtuoso of Nietzschean boosterism.

Too Much Choice?
On misdiagnosing the problem.

Behold the Man
American Jesus


Money, love of - 7 articles
Tracing market ideology in Protestant evangelical thought

David Myers
"People say they know money can't buy happiness, says the Hope College psychology professor. But they don't truly believe it"
The Lessons of Enron
Enron claimed to be a business unlike any the nation had ever seen


New Era - 7 articles
If It's Too Good to Be True...
A dose of skepticism is okay even with fellow Christians

New ERA: New Era's Bennett Pleads 'No Contest' to Fraud

New Era: Prudential Settles New Era Suit Investors Eye Larger Payback


Robbery - 3 articles
Did Alabamans Really Reject the Bible Yesterday?
"Fair trade on Palm Sunday, Bill McCartney leaves Promise Keepers, and other stories from online sources around the world"

Georgia's Baptists Anxious After Losing Large Sum of Cash in Church Robbery
"Theft follows a number of attacks on religious minorities, including Baptists."

Southeastern Seminary student beaten robbed in Kenya
Family says not attacked because of Christianity, but it's the reason they're going back.

Stealing - 26 articles
Where Churches Are Vulnerable

Texas Tech Professor Drops Evolution Belief Requirement
"Pastor confesses to six bank robberies, and other stories from online sources around the world"

When Pastors Plagiarize
"The church suffers from the illusion that the sermon is the creative, prophetic effort of the lonely individual"


Usury - 4 articles
Aquinas for President?
His views on government, law, and economics would shake the system.

The Root of All Kinds of Evil
The Inferno is crammed with greedy Florentines receiving their due.

Luther on the Use of Money


Waste - 4 articles
Time Bandits

Quotations on Time and Eternity
Quotations on time and eternity.
Furthermore: The Fullness of Time
I'd like life to be a series of pauses like a poem, rather than a fast-paced, page-turner airport novel.