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Addiction & Gluttony

Addiction - 59 articles
Theology of the Body
Pope John Paul II on the biblical foundations of marriage and sexuality.

Churches, Charity, and Civil Society
The debate over faith-based social services.

The War Within Continues


Alcohol - 26 articles
RNC Tells Voters that Liberals Will Ban Bible
Plus: Alan Wolfe on Democratic secularists, horoscopes vs. the Bible, Prohibition's problems, and other stories from online sources around the world.

Alcohol and Drug Problems Quickscan
Differently Disabled
Forrest Gump without the extravagance: the ordinary life of Bill Porter.


Alcoholism - 29 articles
'Ragamuffin' Author Brennan Manning Dies
The patched-up life and unshabby message of Brennan Manning.

Bad Seed
Why did so many American churches embrace eugenics?

Alcohol and Drug Problems Quickscan

Appetites - 2 articles
Holy Greed
Losing My Appetite for Cynicism

Brokenness - 43 articles
The Good Fight
4 spiritual disciplines to keep fights from scarring your soul.

American Idols
Larry Crabb says there's something better than control and success.

When Is a Broken Person Ready to Lead?


Drinking - 16 articles
How Dan Allender Broke on Through (to the Other Side)
A former drug dealer who evangelized before he was a Christian talks about his efforts to bring healing from sexual abuse
Wheaton College Allows Dancing for All, Drinking and Tobacco for Non-Undergraduates
Illinois law drives complete overhaul of school's conduct code.

Not So Fast
Some New Hampshire Christians don't buy candidate's excuse for losing


Drugs - 73 articles
Alcohol and Drug Problems Quickscan
The Prince Turned Pauper
Supremely Rejected
Lower-court decisions the Supreme Court let stand


Gambling - 47 articles
The New Gambling Goliath
Christian activists struggle to slow the rapid growth of Indian casinos.

The Search for Redemption
Confession without remorse.

Bush Addresses Evangelicals; Gay Marriage Halted in Calif., Gay Marriage Ban Proposed in Mass.
Plus: Hundreds of other stories from online sources around the world


Gluttony - 11 articles
Illinois Pastor on Fatal Flight
"Jeffrey Mladenik, 43, was involved in workplace ministry, international adoption."

Seven Sirens

Perennial Diet Wars


Pleasure, sinful - 12 articles
A Sequel with Metal Claws and a Moral Backbone
Christian critics consider X2: X-Men United, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, The Dancer Upstairs, Bend It Like Beckham, and The Real Cancun.

Matrix Sequel Flaunts Flashy Effects, Tedious Talk
Christian film critics find little enthusiasm for The Matrix Reloaded, Down with Love, or Daddy Day Care, but they are impressed with Man on the Train

Race and Redemption in a Holes -some Family Film
"Holes trips up some viewers but holds treasure for others. Reviewers find flaws in A Mighty Wind, Bulletproof Monk, Malibu's Most Wanted, Chasing Papi, and XXX, while praising Levity and Rivers and Tides. Plus: An invitation to weigh in on the subject of"


Self-indulgence - 12 articles
Perennial Diet Wars

To Hell on a Cream Puff
Gluttony makes you soft and lovable. It's the cute sin.

Rx for Gluttony
Even Christian diet experts rarely talk about it anymore. But the early monks did, and for good reason.


Sexual addiction - 17 articles
The War Within Continues

The War Within

Counseling Sexual Addicts


Temperance - 5 articles
Amassed Media: The Drink Debate
What Christian leaders past and present have said about social drinking—and where to find them online.

America's Battle Against the Bottle
Evangelical support of temperance is no cause for embarrassment in our intemperate society.

Total Abstinence and Biblical Principles
One of Christianity Today's earliest cover stories examined alcohol on the 25th anniversary of Prohibition's repeal.