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Administration - 170 articles
4 Ways Churches Can Save Money on Tech
Don't spend more than you need to.

Understanding Your Role in the System

Hiring and Firing


Communication - 373 articles
The Ministry of Small Talk

The Apocalyptic Pastor

A Theology of Sound
Attentive listening.


Decisions - 138 articles
More Than an Empty Bed

The Wessingtons: Handling the "Big Break"
Making the Right Moves


Focus - 20 articles
Identifying the Mandate

My Friend Fenelon

Arranging the Pieces


Guidance - 19 articles
Changed by the Unchanging
A new take on the spiritual disciplines calls for a little more action and a lot more love.

Discerning God's Will
"Quotations to stir the heart and mind from Van Gogh, Dante, Thomas Merton, and others"

Finding God in Small Groups
Tom Albin's doctoral research reveals why the Wesley's system worked so well


Influence - 60 articles
New York's New Hope
From inner-city gardens, to fine-art exhibitions, to political activism, street-smart churches are changing the culture of America's largest and most dynamic city.

Post-Election Faith at Work
The next four years will not be a cake-walk for the pro-life, pro-family cause.

Worldview Boot Camp
Evangelical young people need training in the truth about truth.


Opportunity - 38 articles
Back-seat Fighter
Would I ever learn to keep my comments about church antagonists to myself?

Hope Deferred
Christians are uniquely positioned to further racial equality.

Passionate for Change
For the church course, these business books are up to par.


Organization - 80 articles
Clearing the Clutter
Kevin Miller shares tips on Surviving Information Overload

Gray Power
Christian-friendly senior organizations challenge AARP.

Hiring and Firing


Planning - 98 articles
Measuring Success

Maintaining Momentum

The Many Sides of Administration


Plans - 3 articles
A Name for Every Task

Missions: Time to Decide
Only a handful of Southern Baptist missionaries leave amid revisions to BFM

The fine art of getting people at odds to talk--productively.

Potential - 9 articles
The Burden of Potential

Spotting a New Leader

The Potential Around You


Preparation - 80 articles
Baptism + Fire
Suffering may build character, but ultimately it's not about us.

Mastered by Convictions
What working with John Stott taught me about preaching.

The Next Level

Vision - 237 articles
Compassionate in War, Christian in Vision
The man behind the Geneva Conventions knew the heights of success and the depths of failure

Mythical Proportions
America is not so generous, free, and innocent as it imagines itself.

Post-Election Faith at Work
The next four years will not be a cake-walk for the pro-life, pro-family cause.


Vision, leadership - 125 articles
Wooing the Faithful
President Bush needs evangelicals more than ever, but it's unclear how badly they want him for another four years.

How to Lead and Feed

Pulling Weeds From Your Field of Dreams


Wisdom - 108 articles
Word Become Flesh
Quotations to Stir Heart and Mind

Salt-and-Pepper Politics
Choosing between candidates whose consciences are too clean.

Listening Servant