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Leadership Qualities

Conduct - 7 articles
Is Anglicanism's First Election of an Openly Gay Bishop an Exit Sign?
More on Christian terrorist Eric Rudolph, and Time Europe examines the changing spirituality of the continent

A Regular Purpose-Driven Guy
Rick Warren's genius is in helping pastors see the obvious

"Episcopal Bishop Resigns After Court Decision, Blames Liberal Critics"
But Montana bishop Ci Jones vows to keep fighting after discipline for affair 20 years ago.


Decisions - 138 articles
More Than an Empty Bed

The Wessingtons: Handling the "Big Break"
Making the Right Moves


Excellence - 31 articles
The Harmony of Worship

Preparing Myself

Making the Small Church Visitor-Friendly


Experience - 57 articles
The Moral Complexity of War
A conversation with Max Hastings

Limit Conditions
How to portray the Holocaust on stage and film.

The Ecstatic Heresy
Seeking a superficial unity, some denominational leaders opt for feelings over facts.


Gifts - 60 articles
Helping People Give With Joy

How to Handle Designated Funds

The Extra Mile of Pastoral Integrity


Gifts, spiritual - 17 articles
Ministry to Deep-Pocket Donors

First Things First
Teaching about worship by asking the right questions

A Discerning Spirit
Making good choices in an era of liturgical change


Heroes - 26 articles
Baptism + Fire
Suffering may build character, but ultimately it's not about us.

A Practical Romantic
The films of Douglas Fairbanks.

Your Chip Is Showing
Four recent films show a battle for control among men, women, and machines.


Integrity - 131 articles
The Search for Redemption
Confession without remorse.

Pondering a Divorce
Some United Methodists think their differences are irreconcilable.

Now That I'm a Grown-Up

Leadership - 503 articles
New York's New Hope
From inner-city gardens, to fine-art exhibitions, to political activism, street-smart churches are changing the culture of America's largest and most dynamic city.

The Prayers of a Self-Governing People
A psalm for Election Day.

Crisis Ready
Tragedies are inevitable but never expected. When the next one occurs, will your church be strengthened or shattered?


Leadership of the church - 2433 articles

Poets and Pastors

Desert and Harvest: A Sabbatical Story


Leadership Qualities - 0 articles

Pressure - 99 articles
Desert and Harvest: A Sabbatical Story

Ordinary Terrorists
Muslim extremists in Pakistan do not always belong to dangerous groups.

Ordinary Terrorists
Muslim extremists in Pakistan do not always belong to dangerous groups.


Teachability - 4 articles
Unlikely Candidates
What do you do when no one seems qualified to lead?

Devoted Disciplinarian
Pastor Edwards spared neither loving care nor the rod.

The Gift of Rebuke


Wisdom - 108 articles
Word Become Flesh
Quotations to Stir Heart and Mind

Salt-and-Pepper Politics
Choosing between candidates whose consciences are too clean.

Listening Servant