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Missions & Outreach

Alpha Course - 4 articles
Evangelism: Adaptable Alpha Course Draws Praise and Worry
Popular British import has big goals for American outreach

Jerusalem's Messianic Synagogue Attacked
Plus: Texas Baptists won't bolt from SBC, Christian Pokémon cards, and other stories from media around the world.

Will Gore Go After Bush's Faith
Plus: Democrats using Bob Jones University as campaign tool, Seventh-Day Adventists sue for their name, Thomas Nelson's secret book, and other news stories from around the world.


Call - 55 articles
Strong to the Finish
Identifying the Mandate

Staying With Your Call


Calling - 132 articles
Ministries of Mercy: Mother Teresa
She stirred a generation by touching the untouchables.

This World Really Is Our Home
We're not just passing through, says theologian Michael Wittmer, author of Heaven Is a Place on Earth.

Staying on the Job

Church growth - 298 articles
Confronting Caesar
Nigerian megachurch pastor in Ukraine takes a stand for freedom.

The Emergent Mystique
The 'emerging church' movement has generated a lot of excitement but only a handful of congregations. Is it the wave of the future or a passing fancy?

A Steady Christian Influence
Has the nation finally abandoned its Judeo-Christian heritage, or is there still hope?


Church In Action - 17 articles
Good Boundaries Make Good Christians
The difference between welcome and inclusion

A Steady Christian Influence
Has the nation finally abandoned its Judeo-Christian heritage, or is there still hope?

Why the FARC Hates Evangelicals
The terrorist group has many misconceptions about Colombian Christians.


Church planting - 40 articles
A Bridge Over Troubled People
Sinners of all stripes find a church home under the I-35.

Presbyterian Church of America Shoots for the Hip
Plus: More on Dean on religion, Clark on abortion, Jack Kelley admits he was forced to quit USA Today, and other stories from online articles around the world.

Tired of playing it safe, this pastor hears a higher (and harder) calling.


Church, global - 20 articles
Presbyterian Church of America Shoots for the Hip
Plus: More on Dean on religion, Clark on abortion, Jack Kelley admits he was forced to quit USA Today, and other stories from online articles around the world.

Buzz Says Anglican Primates Won't Expel Episcopal Church USA
"John Paul II celebrates 25 years as Pope, and many other stories from online sources around the world"

Are Anglicans Getting a Pope?
"The continuing tempest over Lt. Gen. Boykin, there's no underground church in China, and many other stories from online sources around the world"


Church, mission of - 114 articles
When to Back Off
Identifying the Mandate

Preaching Evangelistically


Community impact - 187 articles
Preaching Evangelistically

Maintaining Momentum

Assimilating Newcomers


Courage - 112 articles
The Nightmare of North Korea
One man's story of brutality, courage, love, and freedom.

When You're Not Taken Seriously

Three Key Traits for Your Board


Determination - 7 articles
The Good Fight
4 spiritual disciplines to keep fights from scarring your soul.

Billy Graham a No-Show at Amsterdam 2000
Evangelist, watching from Minnesota, bows out of satellite address, will probably forgo later remarks as well.

Genius and Plod


Evangelism - 926 articles
The Ministry of Small Talk

A Theology of Sound
Attentive listening.

Good News or Old News?
The Via Negativa as Road to Renewal


Faith-based initiative - 118 articles
Wooing the Faithful
President Bush needs evangelicals more than ever, but it's unclear how badly they want him for another four years.

AWOL Again on the Faith-Based Initiative
The Senate has passed on another chance to safeguard equal opportunity.

Feds Granted More than $1 Billion to Religious Charities in 2003
Plus: The Joash tablet may not be a fake after all, Christians attacked in India and Egypt, our continuing (and exhausting) roundup of stories about gay marriage and The Passion, and other articles from online sources around the world.


Finishers Project - 1 articles
Baby Boomers for Hire
Sell-out audience crowds first-time missions recruitment event.

Fruitfulness - 11 articles
Baptists Fire Missionaries
Thirteen missionaries fired and twenty resign over the Baptist Faith and Message

The State of Missions
The director of World Inquiry talks about the challenges and priorities of the evangelical missions community

The Genesis of Our Woes
Prophecy from the first book of the Bible


Gospel - 225 articles
The Gospel According to America
Remembering the Through-a-Glass-Darkly clause

Canterbury Crackup
Eschewing church discipline has come back to haunt Anglicans.

For Everything There Is a Season
Nostalgia for nature's seasons in a climate-controlled world.


Great Commission - 26 articles
Reclaiming Occupied Territory
The Great Commission and the cultural commission are not in competition.

A Captivating Vision
Why Chinese house churches may just end up fulfilling the Great Commission.

The Missions of Business
What can happen when entrepreneurs think they are missionaries first.


Harvest, spiritual - 11 articles
Looking for a Miracle
Six million Nigerians join Bonnke revival.

Church Guarantees 'Express Service' for Busy Believers
Family Bible Church tries to adapt to believers in the fast lane.

Revival: Pensacola Outpouring Eyes Global Goals


Lausanne Covenant - 6 articles
Why Don't They Listen?
John Stott on the most pernicious obstacles to effective world evangelism

Editorial: Doers of the Word
The Amsterdam Declaration illustrates how far evangelicals have come in 26 years—especially in putting ideas into practice.

Netherlands: Keeping the Covenant
Amsterdam 2000 ends with a message from Billy Graham, a promise by 10,000 evangelists, and a unifying framework for worldwide evangelism.


Medical missions - 3 articles
Noted Surgeon and Author Paul Brand Dies at Age 89
Connected his pioneering work with leprosy and his missionary faith

God's Astounding Laws of Nature
"I like to think of God as developing his skills, said Dr. Paul Brand"

Medical Missions' African Legacy
"For generations, missionary doctors have healed body and soul in Africa."

Missiology - 14 articles
The Good Effects of the Good News
A convert from Islam answers critics hostile to the Christian mission

Christian Radio Show Hosted By Anti-Missionary Canceled
Gracia Burnham reflects on 9/11 and more details on her rescue, and other stories from online sources around the world

Southern Baptist Convention Won't Accept Missionaries with Female Pastors
Are Mormons really America's fastest growing church? And more stories from online sources around the world


Mission - 96 articles
Evangelicals & Catholics
The state of play

A Problematic Mission?
Would the Spanish friars of California's historic missions have lobbied for the separation of church and state?

Terror on Top of the World
Maoist threats shut down development work.


Missions - 566 articles
A Mapping Mission
Moral geography.

Christianity Today News Briefs
Booting the Salvation Army, falling giving, and suing for rights.

Two Iraqi Churches Bombed
Plus: Mr. Bean opposes British religious hate-crime bill, religious summit opens in Indonesia, Vatican condemns 'Christianophobia', Christmas dilemma, praying for the home team, and other articles from online sources around the world.


Muslims, evangelism and - 24 articles
Emerging from the Shadows
House-church Christians start renting buildings, and dream of evangelism.

Did Nobel Committee Ignore MRI Creator Because of Creationism?
"The faith-based initiative hold-up, freedom to worship at home, and other stories from online sources around the world"

Doors into Islam
September 11 has only intensified the dangers and rewards of Muslim evangelism


Non-profit - 4 articles
Do Drink the Water
"Disillusioned missionary, 'Spirit-inspired' invention transform church's ministry in the Dominican Republic."

Religious Nonprofits Fight for Government Funds

Bennett Issues Tape to Donors

Outreach - 208 articles
Reaching the Post-Christian
They're today's non-seekers, who've seen Christianity and think they have reasons for rejecting it.

Operation Human Rights
How evangelicals got outside their comfort zone to help the oppressed overseas.

Smuggling Cats for a Gay Celebrity
Love took an unusual expression for this man dying of AIDS.


Politics, churches and - 149 articles
Red-Faced Pastor in a Blue State
Amid political tensions, when is a pastor to speak out and when to refrain?

Breakfast at the White House

Same-Sex Marriage: What Can I Say?
Four pastors discuss the pressures and opportunities of the current controversy.


Public relations - 10 articles
Go Figure
Statistics and numbers on the Protestant clergy shortage and The Prayer of Jabez

Editorials: Wanna Buy a Bioethicist?
Some corporations have discovered that bioethics makes good public relations
Zambian Churches and Lawyers Oppose Presidential Plan for Third Term
"Evangelicals, Catholics, and others unite against changing country's constitution."


Reaping - 1 articles
Directions: Can the Dead Be Converted?
A "choice" for Jesus is not like choosing a meal from a menu.

Rural ministry - 42 articles
How to Befriend a Church
The Ball-Cap Crisis
Evangelism in a Small Town


Sowing and reaping - 7 articles
Taming Ambition

Directions: Can the Dead Be Converted?
A "choice" for Jesus is not like choosing a meal from a menu.

ARTICLE: Missions' New World Order
The twenty-first century calls for us to give up our nineteenth-century models for worldwide ministry.


Syncretism - 13 articles
Yankee Stadium Strike Out
Latest Benke ruling reveals deep fissures among Missouri Synod Lutherans

Benke Suspended for 'Syncretism' after 9/11 Event
Interfaith prayer exposes divisions in LCMS

The Interfaith Public Square
"Stand up, stand up for Jesus at civic events."


Unreached people groups - 5 articles
Targeted Apologetics
Encountering New Religious Movements with the Gospel.

Watch Those Web Postings
What Indians say American Christians should, and shouldn't, do to help.

Reimagining Missions
Two scholars seek to rescue the Great Commission from narrowly evangelistic readings, but their answers may be dangerously wide


Urban ministry - 118 articles
New York's New Hope
From inner-city gardens, to fine-art exhibitions, to political activism, street-smart churches are changing the culture of America's largest and most dynamic city.

The Church Embattled

What It Takes to Stay Downtown


Witness - 40 articles
Colson: What Are We Doing Here?
Authentic Fellowship
How do we learn the deep 'one another' community of Scripture without being in close proximity?

A Journalist in Babylon
The need for a critical mass in the Fourth Estate


Witnessing - 65 articles
Preparing People as Witnesses

Evangelism in a Small Town

Fresh Air for Evangelism Training