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Apostles' Creed - 10 articles
The Reformation Question
What does Catholic mean?

'We Live What We Believe'
Luke Timothy Johnson talks about the importance of the creed—even for non-creedal Christians

Naval Chaplain Succeeds Ogilvie in Senate
An interview with Barry Black


Church councils - 59 articles
Feature: A Graceful Good-by
Boardroom Sweetener
How to Find (and Keep) a Chairperson

Church discipline - 45 articles
Canterbury Crackup
Eschewing church discipline has come back to haunt Anglicans.

U.S. Protestant Majority Gone By End of Year, Says Survey
Plus: Christians in Iraq, Terri Schiavo, Moore's monument, home churches, and other stories from online sources around the world.

Debates on Debates on Church Discipline
Catholic bishops will issue statement on Communion as a Matthew 18 lawsuit is reinstated against a Texas Bible church. Plus: Samuel Huntington on why atheists are outsiders, religious leaders apologize for Abu Ghraib, and many other stories from online sources around the world.


Church, health of - 57 articles
Vectoring Prayer
Good conversation with God isn't just a series of monologues.

Three Key Traits for Your Board

Making Ministry Healthy


Creeds - 29 articles
Mythical Proportions
America is not so generous, free, and innocent as it imagines itself.

What Heresy?
The things Neo-Gnostic seekers find lacking in Christianity-experiential insight, mysticism, a direct link to God-are already there

Ground Rules
The Creed defines the game of faith without exhausting its excitement


Doctrine - 187 articles
Evangelicals & Catholics
The state of play

Canterbury Crackup
Eschewing church discipline has come back to haunt Anglicans.

Good Boundaries Make Good Christians
The difference between welcome and inclusion


Doctrine, sound - 49 articles
Evangelical Drift
Outsiders say we're the status quo. Our call is to prove them wrong.

Three Wise Men from the East
The Cappadocian Fathers brought the best gift of all: a powerful scriptural defense of the Trinity and Christ's divinity against the Arian heretics.

Tangling with Wolves
Why we still need heresy trials


Excommunication - 10 articles
The Truth About the Catholic Church and Slavery
The problem wasn't that the leadership was silent. It was that almost nobody listened.

Afghanistan: Entrapment Suspected
Shelter Now leader believes workers were pawns in Taliban scheme

Archbishops Wed in Moonie Wedding
"Former Zambian leader will be excommunicated from Catholic Church, American already has been."


Principles - 22 articles
Pledging to Fight
Atheist says battle over 'under God' has just begun.

Toxic Maxims
Misleading advice about business ethics from America's leadership expert.

Accidental Revolutionary
How one woman fought for a just tax


Syncretism - 13 articles
Yankee Stadium Strike Out
Latest Benke ruling reveals deep fissures among Missouri Synod Lutherans

Benke Suspended for 'Syncretism' after 9/11 Event
Interfaith prayer exposes divisions in LCMS

The Interfaith Public Square
"Stand up, stand up for Jesus at civic events."


Tradition - 136 articles
The More Things Change …
Historical perspectives on worship.

Democracy and Tradition

Good News or Old News?
The Via Negativa as Road to Renewal


Traditions - 84 articles
Democracy and Tradition

The Real Twelve Days of Christmas
Celebrating Christ's birth with saints of the faith during the actual Christmas season.

Good Boundaries Make Good Christians
The difference between welcome and inclusion


Unity - 225 articles
New York's New Hope
From inner-city gardens, to fine-art exhibitions, to political activism, street-smart churches are changing the culture of America's largest and most dynamic city.

The Good Fight
4 spiritual disciplines to keep fights from scarring your soul.

The Ecstatic Heresy
Seeking a superficial unity, some denominational leaders opt for feelings over facts.