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Bible publishing - 36 articles
"Quick reviews of Things Unseen, The Wisdom of Tenderness, The Blessed, and Courageous Leadership"

'I Didn't Want to Be Cute'
Author Eugene Peterson describes what drove his writing of The Message

Why the TNIV Draws Ire
"No translation is perfect, and each must be read with a careful exegetical eye."


Bible translation - 165 articles
Greek Orthodox Group Power Battle Goes to Court
Plus: Passion ad refused as Gibson reportedly drops his blood be upon us line, more on banning evolution in Georgia, Catholic school's experiments on aborted fetuses, and other stories from online source around the world.

The Good Effects of the Good News
A convert from Islam answers critics hostile to the Christian mission

The First Bible Teachers: Did You Know?
Interesting and unusual facts about the church's first Bible interpreters

Dead Sea Scrolls - 18 articles
Top Ten New Testament Archaeological Finds of the Past 150 Years
"How do shrouds, boats, inscriptions, and other artifacts better help us understand the Christ of the Ages?"

What Do the Stones Cry Out?
Beware of claims that archaeology disproves—or proves—the Bible is true

Drawing the Battle Lines
We need to be informed and discerning about the Islamic worldview


Hermeneutics - 21 articles
Opponents of Allegory
The scholars at Antioch rejected allegory in favor of history. But their interpretive method led some into heresy.

Christian Esperanto
We must learn other cultural tongues

"Top Ten News Stories, 2002"
"The events, people, and ideas of the past year that have or will significantly shape evangelical life, thought, or mission"


International Bible Society - 13 articles
Thomas Nelson Sues International Bible Society, Visual Bible
Articles on Christian attitudes toward Halloween, American attitudes toward Islam, and other topics from online sources from around the world.

Briefs: The World
Old Wisdom for New Times
The International Bible Society is doing spiritual archaeology and retro-publishing to reach seekers


TNIV - 21 articles
"Top Ten News Stories, 2002"
"The events, people, and ideas of the past year that have or will significantly shape evangelical life, thought, or mission"

The TNIV Debate
Is this new translation faithful in its treatment of gender?
Is The TNIV Faithful in Its Treatment of Gender? No
Political correctness puts pressure on translators to change details of meaning


Wycliffe Bible Translators - 3 articles
Tens of Thousands of Indonesian Christians Flee Homes as Muslims Attack
Plus: Burying the cloning ban in a big hole, rescuing the Burnhams, criticizing modern missions, and other stories.

LETTERS: Evangelical scholarship
Wycliffe Denies CIA Connection