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Authors, Contemporary - 4 articles
Christians in Iraq, Bethlehem Face Difficult Christmas
Plus: The Polar Express an evangelical film? religious people allowed on New Jersey juries, the battle for Christmas, new approach in the Sudan, Sikhs violently protest British play, and more articles from online sources around the world.

Darkness Visible
An unsparing new memoir by the author of Slackjaw.

Too Wild at Heart?
Some evangelicals believe Eldredge is making God in his image.


Balmer, Randall - 1 articles
The Upscaling of an Evangelical
Randall Balmer returns to his father's faith—with qualifications and hesitations

Bauer, Susan Wise - 5 articles
To the Rural Church by Susan Wise Bauer
To the Rural Church:

Re-Imagining Women
Jan Crouse is calling Bible-believing, intellectually minded mainline women to unite.

No One Knows Best


Berry, Wendell - 3 articles
Eating the Supper of the Lamb in a Cool Whip Society
Albert Borgmann's post-technological feast.

Environment as Creation
Conquest vs. care for the wilderness.

A Sabbath Vision

Buechner, Frederick - 12 articles
Work and Vocation
"Quotations to stir heart and mind from Thomas Merton, Dorothy Sayers, and others"

Flesh and Blood in the Magic Kingdom
Frederick Buechner's most recent works shed light on the shadows of the human heart

Frederick Buechner's Sacred Journey
How one writer and minister has made a career of telling others about moments of holy insight


Burkett, Larry - 2 articles
"When Burkett Speaks, Evangelicals Listen"
How this former unbelieving electrical engineer became evangelicalism's financial answer man—and a look at the advice he gives.

What Larry Burkett Knew About Healing and Death
The financial guru died last week—but not of the kidney cancer he fought for seven years

Crouch, Andy - 14 articles
Salt-and-Pepper Politics
Choosing between candidates whose consciences are too clean.

The Future Is P.O.D.
Multicultural voices have an edge in reaching a rapidly changing America

Rekindling Old Fires
We can resist technology's chilling effects on how we spend time together


Eareckson Tada, Joni - 1 articles
Doubt and Meaning
Joni Eareckson Tada's poignant memoir probes God's use of suffering

Eldridge, John - 2 articles
Battle Cry
"John Eldredge calls men, and now women, to a mythical, mystical adventure of faith"

John Eldredge Is Wild at Heart
The author of Wild at Heart and The Sacred Romance discusses rediscovering the Gospel through a ransomed heart.

Jenkins, Jerry - 10 articles
Jerry Jenkins's Solo Apocalypse
"His new novel, Soon, imagines a world where religion, blamed for war, is banned"
Before Left Behind
It's not easy to say something new about the end of the world

Surviving Soul Survivor
A business guide to Tim LaHaye's other series.


Kantzer, Kenneth - 10 articles
The Editor Who Helped Save Christianity Today
Remembering Ken Kantzer

"Theologian, CT Editor Dies at 85"

The Editor Who Helped Save Christianity Today
Remembering Ken Kantzer


LaHaye, Tim - 10 articles
Before Left Behind
It's not easy to say something new about the end of the world

Surviving Soul Survivor
A business guide to Tim LaHaye's other series.

Quotation Marks

Lamott, Anne - 3 articles
Jesusy' Anne Lamott
Chatting with a born-again paradox

Hypertext-Spirituality Sightings
Spirituality Sightings

The Book Report: Tales of a Reluctant Convert and more
Anne Lamott despised Christians but couldn't resist becoming one.

Norris, Kathleen - 7 articles
Real Political Realism
Memorable Speech'

Quotations to Contemplate
Quotations to contemplate on the Incarnation.
Reflections on Christmas
Classic and contemporary excerpts

Peretti, Frank - 1 articles
The Christians Are Coming!
"Christian Frank Peretti hands in less-than-horrifying Hangman's Curse. In The Fighting Temptations and Matchstick Men, a choir director and a con artist clean up their acts, but Christian press critics are more impressed with Lost in Translation. Plus: Re"

Peterson, Eugene H. - 46 articles
Means and Ends
The spiritual theology of Eugene Peterson.


Poets and Pastors


Rowling, J. K. - 5 articles
Once Upon Tribulation

Once Upon a Tribulation

Matters of Opinion: The Perils of Harry Potter
Literary device or not, witchcraft is real—and dangerous.


Wallis, Jim - 6 articles
Cracks in the Monolith?
Evangelical Protestants and the 2000 election.

Practicing Faith in the Inner City


Witherington, Ben - 2 articles
The Article We Didn't Print
Ben Witherington is the poster boy for writer deadlines

BOOKS: Modern Wise Men Encounter Jesus. Part 2

Yancey, Philip - 51 articles
Breakfast at the White House

The Colonizers
The best preachers have challenged earth to become more like heaven.

The Leprosy Doctor
Paul Brand showed how to serve others sacrificially and emerge with joy