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Volume 3 Issue 1
Winter 1997

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A Humbling Experience
Contemporary Worship's Simple Aesthetic

Antiseptic America

Catholics Making America Work
Grasso, Bradley, & Hunt's Catholicism, Liberalism, and Communitarianism

Death to the World
Punks Turned Monks

Editor's Picks

Ethics Over Technology

Grunge, Gangsta-rap & Gregorian Chant
Gen-X's Search for Transcendence

If John Calvin were an 'Xer'
Worship in the Reformed Tradition

Meeting at the 'Axis'

More Than a Restaurant'
Should Christians Be Eating Out More?

One Addiction and One Funeral
Abel Ferrara's The Funeral and The Addiction

Serendipity beyond the Stars

Rock'n'Roll Worship Service

The Economy of Mass: A Matter of Tastes?
Worship in the Catholic Tradition

The Eternal Liturgy
Worship in the Orthodox Tradition

The Generationally Indigenous Church
Gen-X Moves Church to the Home

The Great Assumption
What is motivating Seeker-sensitive worship?

The Price of Worship
Traditional Woships Formative Vision

War of the (Ecumenial) Worlds
Peter Kreeft's Ecumenical Jihad

Worship—Dr. Smith's Way

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