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Welcome re:generation Quarterly readers!

As you know, The Veritas Forum ceased publication of re:generation Quarterly as of Spring 2003.

The good news is that re:generation Quarterly archives can now be found in the new Christian research library at For only $49.95/year you can easily cross-reference re:generation Quarterly and other trusted Christian publication archives, including:

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Christianity TodayLeadership JournalLeadership Journal
Books and CultureBooks and CultureChristian History and BiographyChristian History and Biography
over 50 Leadership books Leadership booksand more!  

Plus, you'll find articles by Andy Crouch, former editor-in-chief of re:generation Quarterly in several of these publications. We are confident that you'll find the CTLibrary content relevant and insightful.

Take advantage of the 7-day free trial today!

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MEMBERSHIP DETAILS: When you sign up for the Free 7-day trial Membership, we do collect your credit card information, but you will not be charged $49.95 until after your free 7 day trial is over. Please also note that all of our memberships automatically renew. So, 30 days prior to your Yearly Membership's expiration date, you will receive notification via email that your membership will automatically renew unless you cancel prior to the expiration date. This will happen at the beginning of each new membership year.