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Leadership BooksLeadership Books
Browse a collection of over 50 high-quality volumes from seven major Leadership book series. The books are authored by leading Christian pastors and scholars and help develop leadership skills and pastoral wisdom.

Search Leadership Books:

Fresh Ideas

Fresh Ideas for Discipleship & Nurture

Fresh Ideas for Administration & Finance

Fresh Ideas for Families, Youth & Children

Fresh Ideas for Preaching, Worship & Evangelism

Library of Christian Leadership

Changing Lives Through Preaching and Worship

Empowering Your Church Through Creativity and Change

Growing Your Church Through Evangelism and Outreach

Deepening Your Ministry Through Prayer and Personal Growth

Library of Leadership Development

Leading Your Church Through Conflict and Reconciliation

Renewing Your Church Through Vision and Planning

Building Your Church Through Counsel and Care

Growing Your Church Through Training and Motivation

Mastering Ministry

Mastering Contemporary Preaching

Mastering Pastoral Care

Mastering Pastoral Counseling

Mastering the Pastoral Role

Mastering Personal Growth

Mastering Conflict & Controversy

Mastering Worship

Mastering Church Finances

Mastering Transitions

Mastering Outreach & Evangelism

Mastering Church Management

Mastering Teaching

Mastering Ministry's Pressure Points

Measuring Up

Dangers Toils & Snares

The Time Crunch

A Voice in The Wilderness

Who's In Charge?

Standing Fast

The Leadership Library

The Contemplative Pastor

Well-Intentioned Dragons

Liberating the Leader's Prayer Life

Clergy Couples in Crisis

When It's Time to Move

Learning to Lead

Music, Youth, and Education

Helping Those Who Don't Want Help

Preaching to Convince

When to Take a Risk

Weddings, Funerals, and Special Events

Making the Most of Mistakes


Being Holy, Being Human

Secrets of Staying Power

The Magnetic Fellowship

The Healthy Hectic Home

Called into Crisis

Sins of the Body

The Pastor's Soul

The Pastor's Soul Volume 1: The Power of Loving Your Church

The Pastor's Soul Volume 2: Pastoral Grit

The Pastor's Soul Volume 3: Preaching With Spiritual Passion

The Pastor's Soul Volume 4: Listening to the Voice of God

The Pastor's Soul Volume 5: Leading With Integrity

The Pastor's Soul Volume 6: Character Forged From Conflict

The Pastor's Soul Volume 7: Deepening Your Conversation With God

The Pastor's Soul Volume 8: Your Ministry's Next Chapter

Leadership Journal

Leadership Journal

Leadership Journal Archives

CT Pastors

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Leadership Training
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