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Leadership 2013



Here and There
New technologies are a gift from God, but not if they keep us from being fully and physically present.

Some of the pastor's most precious moments are the ones when you are there. There at the front of the church standing beside the young groom as his bride walks through those doors and down the aisle. There at the hospital to hold the newborn and to pray with and for the new father and mother. There at the courthouse when the judge proclaims those children fully and finally adopted into their new family. There in the river to plunge that new Christian beneath the water in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. There at the bedside when that faithful, older church member takes his final breath and is ushered into eternity. There in the pulpit week after week, opening God's Word and proclaiming eternal truths.

The pastor has many callings and many responsibilities, and so many of the best of them involve being there.

We live at the cusp of a new era in history—the digital era. And we are forced to reconsider what it means to be there and what it means to be here. We are grappling with new challenges to the realities of time and space. We are learning what it means to be present in and through new technologies, and these changes have important implications for pastors and their ministries.

Let me be clear: I am no Luddite. Quite the opposite, in fact. I believe technology is a good gift from God and one of the ways through which he calls us to carry out our Creation Mandate and our Great Commission. It is technology that allows us to have dominion over the earth, technology that enhances our ability to be fruitful and multiply, and technology that allows us to go to all the earth and take the gospel with us so we can make disciples of all nations.

We have been given specific instructions from ...

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