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Volume 33

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10 Keys to Sustaining the Ministry Life
These essential practices will prepare you for the long haul.

20% of Church Members Do 80% of the Work

3 Reasons Not to Confront by E-mail
Douse flames face-to-face.

3 Secrets to Making Great Decisions
Key questions to ask before taking action.

33 Million "Nones" in America
Pew reports one in five Americans now has no religion.

Skills for a transformational conversation
How to practice "pastoral presence" and guide deep change.

7 Essentials of a Healthy Hospital Visit
To help with healing, speak to the soul.

9 Reasons NOT to Plant a Church in 2012
Why church planting may no longer be the best vehicle for evangelism.

9 Reasons NOT to Plant a Church in 2012 (Part 2)
11 Practices of a New Jesus Movement.

A Bigger Toolbox
Spiritual growth demands using a variety of practices.

Honoring your team with praise and recognition
By regularly giving people praise and recognition, we reflect Christ's ministry and the relationship of the Trinity.

A Contested Universe
In the end, Satan loses. But until then, we're in for a battle.

A Faith Worth Defending
Claims of a married Jesus reinforce the need for apologetics.

A Life to Die For …
Sanctification, theologically and spiritually, is a matter of life and death (not necessarily in that order).

A 'Move' in the Right Direction
A new book takes a closer look at how churches foster spiritual growth.

A Plea for Pray-ers
There's something lacking in our public petitions to God.

Acting Like Jesus
An unlikely theatrical role enabled me to connect with unbelievers.

Air Attack
When the atmosphere of your group turns toxic, it might be the work of a malevolent spirit.

Al Mohler on Believing + Leading
Right beliefs must be wed to effective leadership.

Understanding and avoiding a church split
Heeding the early signs of conflict can save churches untold heartache.

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