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Volume 24

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5 Things Leaders Do
Test your leadership against Bill Hybels' checklist.

7 Questions for Weighing War

70 Effective Resolutions

A Good Day Off
Our family was drifting apart…until we kicked back at the other Willow Creek.

A Whole New Attitude
To change a city, we first had to change our church.

Absalom Syndrome
How candid can church leaders be without undermining the pastor?

An Honest Sermon
Plagiarism, the pulpit, and how to appropriate others' ideas appropriately.

At Offering Time, My Job Is on the Line
When your congregation's financial 'inferiority' causes problems for your bank account.

Busyness, Despair, and Motivation

Called to What?
A Leadership Forum

Captains Courageous

Celebrating Easter When You're Living Good Friday
In the darkness, would God's presence break through?

Cheers and Jeers for "Quitting Church"
Weekly Readers respond to Chad Hall's intentional time out from ministry.

Churches in Action
Throughout the country, churches find creative ways to serve their communities.

Clarify, Semper Fi
A Navy chaplain rediscovers God's purpose for his ministry

Clark's Unforgivable Sin
This pastor wanted to forgive the man who attacked him—and just couldn't.

Conducting a Spiritual Audit
Questions to keep your personal accounts in order.

Corked Bats, Corked Souls
What's inside determines both the heavy-hitter and the lightweight.

Currents Counter-Culture: Indigenous Worship vs. Religious Mobility
If every congregation does its own thing, how will newcomers ever feel at home?

Currents Counter-Culture: Tony Soprano Sings
How this pastor uses pop culture to talk about faith.

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