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Volume 19, Issue 1
Winter, 1998

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Applying Your Leadership Style
Four questions to make you and your leaders more effective.

Beating the Pastoral Blues

Best Titles for Sermons
Calvin Miller and Rick Warren on how to select a great name for a great message.

Bullied No More
How I got by with a little help from my friends.

Conducting a Spiritual Audit

Disillusioned with Your Church?

Dr. Morality

Finding the Eye of the Storm

Finding Your Leadership Style
Ten different ways to lead God's people.

First Runner-Up

For Heaven's Sake

From the Editor

Growing Edge

Heart & Soul

How Authentic Should I be?
How important is it that people can "relate" to the pastor? Do they want the preacher to model strength or weakness? Should a pastor be a voice of authority or a fellow struggler?

How Exercise Nearly Killed me
If church potlucks don't get you, the fresh air will.

How Many Did You Have Last Sunday?

Ideas that Work

Living Abundantly When Resources Are Scarce

McKinley's Laws Of Ministry

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