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Volume 3





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A Conversation With Paul Rees
A beloved churchman discusses how a healthy devotional life should bear fruit in our relationship with others.

A Day in The Life of a Paraclete
The Servants of the Paraclete is a counseling service in St. Louis, Missouri, where priests suffering from burn-out go for guidance.

Ambition and the Assistant Pastor
Keeping healthy perspective.

Are You a Spring or a Cistern?
Answering the question will impact your teaching.

Battle Strategy: Some Practical Advice
Valuable strategy that can help prevent needless scars. Third in a series of three.

Belaying—A Model For Ministry
Support Doesn't Mean that You"Climb the Mountain" for People

Broadening the Local Church's Horizon
LEADERSHIP asked Charles Colson what the local church can do to help solve the prison problem. Following are his suggestions.

Building the Church Staff
The secret of any organization's success is choosing the right people.

Counseling Blended Families
How one pastor helps couples ward off second-time failure.

Depression in the Clergy
Pastors suffer from depression at about the same frequency as the general population—and two to four percent of the general population suffer from depression at any one time.

Do You Have The Time?
The Christian's response to time is quite different from the non-Christian's.

Doing vs. Managing: The Eternal Tug of War
Why pastors run out of hours—and what to do about it.

Five Temptations of the Pulpit
Preaching is the most visible aspect of ministry—and the most easily misused.

Four Ways To Make Group Decisions
One way or another, decisions always get made—but using the right method helps make sure the result is a good one.

Gifts and Growth
A case study

Hearing God's Voice and Obeying His Word
A dialogue with Richard Foster and Henri Nouwen

Helping Your Successor Succeed
Practical strategies for easing a major transition

Hints on Making Changes
What to do when the church has always done it that way.

Honest Praise: A Pastor's Emotional Fuel
Ministers need sincere encouragement, too.

How to Say No Graciously
Saying no at the right times frees us to say yes to God's calling.

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