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Christians Protest Chicago's $2.2 Million Video Game Gift
Recent reports about Christians and Christianity from the world's media sources

From the Archives: Wycliffe Causes Controversy Over Eucharist

From the Archives: Public Debates
In His 67 Theses Zwingli Highlights His Reformed Beliefs

Selling Forgiveness: How Money Sparked the Protestant Reformation

The Church That Tyndale Fought

Money in Christian History (II): A Gallery of Good Examples Not to Follow
This issue's Gallery could more aptly be called the Christian History Rogues Gallery. These unhappy tales from the past present good examples not to follow.

1095 Pope Urban II Launches the First Crusade
Waves of pilgrims and soldiers embarked for the Holy Land, beginning an era of exploration, conquest, defeat, and folly.

1517 Luther Posts the 95 Theses
An obscure monk invited debate on a pressing church issue—and touched off a history-shattering reform movement.

1545 The Council of Trent Begins
Responding to the Reformation, the council charted the Catholic church's course for the next 400 years.

Martin Luther's Early Years: Did You Know?
Little-known or remarkable facts about Martin Luther's Early Years

The Accidental Revolutionary
In his quest for spiritual peace, Luther had no idea he'd leave his world in turmoil.

Protestants' Most-Famous Document
What did Luther actually say in the 95 Theses?

Martin Luther's Early Years: Christian History Timeline

Martin Luther's Early Years: A Gallery of Friends and Enemies
Luther made plenty of both

Fool in Rome
As a young monk, Luther longed to see Rome. But his 1510 trip to the Holy City filled him with pain and doubt.

Martin Luther's Later Years: Christian History Timeline

The Crusades: From the Editor - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

How Could Christians Do This?
Why followers of the Prince of Peace waged war.

Why You Should Crusade
Bernard of Clairvaux, who wrote the beautiful essay On Loving God, also urged Christians to fight for Christ. Here are some excerpts from a letter written in 1147.

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