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Martyrdom: Another Iranian Pastor Killed

'Hell House' Kits Selling Nationally

Assemblies of God: Layoffs Avoided in Downsizing

Revival: Pensacola Outpouring Keeps Gushing
But unlike the bubbly Toronto Blessing, repentance is foremost at this revival.

Nicaragua: New Evangelical Party Gains Political Power

Assemblies Retain Ordination Ban
Assemblies Retain Ordination Ban

Dialogue: Conversation or Competition?
Pentecostals, Roman Catholics in long-standing talks to resolve conflicts, discover some commonalities.

In Brief

Bridging Kosovo's Deep Divisions
A tiny evangelical minority has a vision for how to overcome the explosive mix of religion and nationalism.

Are You Satisfied?

Evangelicals Press Political Leader to Focus on Poverty Issues

Evangelicals Come Up for Air

Church Growth: New Latino Congregations Spring Up
Church networks are cooperating to launch congregations in unlikely U.S. locations.

Out of the Ashes
In a land of volcanoes, persistent missionary efforts finally yield fruit.

Releasing the Spirit: the Pentecostals

Briefs: North America

Belgium: Deported as 'Illegal'
Officials expel four Assemblies of God volunteers.

SIDEBAR: Church Growth in the 'Hood

ARTICLE: Building the Church (of God in Christ), Part 1

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