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Protestants and Pictures

CT Classic: Why I’m Not Orthodox
An evangelical explores the ancient and alien world of the Eastern church.

The Orthodox Art/Ministry of Icons

What is Eastern Orthodoxy Anyway?
It's being much-mentioned and much-lauded during all the millennial celebrations, but what, really, is this "Christian" faith that's so unfamiliar to most Western Protestants? Here's an introduction.

The Word Made Visible
Christians in the Middle Ages may have been largely illiterate, but they were not ignorant of the Bible.

Eastern Orthodoxy: From the Editor - Exotic Orthodoxy
Exotic Orthodoxy

Kissers and Smashers
Why the Orthodox killed one another over icons.

Eastern Orthodoxy: A Gallery of Impact Pray-ers
Five men who still define Orthodox spirituality.

What the Orthodox Believe
Four key differences between the Orthodox and Protestants.

The Counsels of Christ
The Orthodox believe Jesus' voice can still be heard in the seven ecumenical councils.

A Taste of Glory
For the Orthodox, worship is heaven on earth.

Eastern Orthodoxy: Recommended Resources
Eastern Orthodoxy


Human Rights Groups Criticize Beijing as Choice for 2008 Olympics
"The challenge now is to use the games to press for improvements, advocates said."

Active Christian on Flight 93 Hailed as a Hero
Wheaton College graduate and others figured out how to do extraordinary things aboard United plane.

Shock Waves Tear Through a Shock-Value Industry
How can we think of movies at a time like this?

Drawing the Battle Lines
We need to be informed and discerning about the Islamic worldview

Why Frederica Mathewes-Green Loves Icons
"Yes, we ask the saints to pray for us, she says. They are still living members of the church after all."

Jesus and Mama
The intercessor par excellence in country music

Different ways to observe the Christian discipline of prayer.

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