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Revelation and Homosexual Experience: What Wolfhart Pannenberg says about this debate in the church.
The biblical assessments of homosexual practice are unambigous in their rejection of it

Revelation and Homosexual Experience: A Pastoral Manifesto

Ethics and Business:Holding Corporate America Accountable
Christians press for greater responsibility from businesses.

Congress: Clinton Signs Law Backing Heterosexual Marriage
Clinton Signs Law Backing Heterosexual Marriage

Call to Renewal: Does Call to Renewal Skirt Partisan Politics?

Colson: Why Not Gay Marriage?
If people believe marriage is just an invention, then they will feel free to change it, redefine it, or even discard it.

One Lord, One Faith, One Voice?
A forum on the limits of politics and a search for common ground.

'Hell House' Kits Selling Nationally

Domestic Partners: Evangelicals Wary of Archdiocese Compromise in San Francisco

Presbyterians: Presbyterians Endorse Fidelity, Chastity for Ordained Clergy

Books: The Agnostic's Expositor

Leaders Allege Clergy Harassment
Leaders Allege Clergy Harassment

News Briefs

Editorial: The Speck in Mickey's Eye
We live in a wildly pluralistic society.

Presbyterians: Assembly Favors 'Integrity' Not 'Chastity' for Leaders

Firefighter Pastor in Hot Water
Firefighting Pastor in Hot Water

Leaders Criticize Supreme Court
Leaders Criticize Supreme Court

Same-Sex Rites Cause Campus Stir
Same-Sex Rites Cause Campus Stir

News Briefs

Homosexual Rights Initiative Fails
Homosexual Rights Initiative Fails

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