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John Wesley: A Gallery of Family, Friends and Foes

John Wesley and the Eighteenth Century World: Christian History Timeline
One hundred years of turmoil, change, and innovation that laid a foundation for our own day.

The Flowering of Pietism in the Garden of America

Spiritual Awakenings in North America: Christian History Timeline
An Overview of 180 Years

Apostles on Horseback
Francis Asbury & the Methodist Circuit Riders—Covering America with Spiritual Awakening

Camp Meetings and Circuit Riders: Did You Know?
Little Known Facts about Camp Meetings and Circuit Riders

Holy, 'Knock-'Em-Down' Preachers

Christianity on the Early American Frontier: A Gallery of Trendsetters in the Religious Wilderness

Christianity on the Early American Frontier: Christian History Timeline

Rejecting the Negro Pew
As revival religion blossomed, so did the independent black church.

Revival at Cane Ridge
What exactly happened at the most important camp meeting in American history?

You Must Not Kneel Here
One April Sunday, Richard and fellow black Methodists decided they wouldn't stand for prejudice anymore.

The Wesleys: Christian History Timeline
The Christian History Timeline

"Religious Freedom Can Be Ethnically Limited, Utah Judge Rules"
"Forgiving McVeigh, England's murdered vicar, and other stories from media around the world."

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