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Do Parents Matter?
It's not the hand that rocks the cradle, but the one that turns the jump rope that rules the world.

Yancey: The Holy Inefficiency of Henri Nouwen
A better symbol of the Incarnation, I can hardly imagine.

BOOKS: Aweless


Too Holy for the World Too Worldly for the Church?
Christian alternative bands look for a home.


Classic and contemporary excerpts.

Editorial: Don't Give Up on the Church
Though often embattled and dysfunctional, the church is still where God chooses to meet us.

Are Evangelicals Missing God at Church? (Part 1 of 2)
Why so many are rediscovering worship in other traditions.

Are Evangelicals Missing God at Church? (Part 2 of 2)
Why so many are rediscovering worship in other traditions.

What I'd Like to Tell the Pope About the Church
Responding to the main criticism Catholics have against evangelicals: that we have no doctrine of the church.

The Book Report: Celebration of Traditions
Richard Foster wants Christians to be renewed by encountering the church's "living streams."

The Moral Minority
Paul Weyrich was once a founding father of the Religious Right. In 1999, he explained to CT readers why it was time to give up the Moral Majority fight.

How I realized I Was Hurting People

What Kind of Preaching Produces Holiness?

The Insignia of the Order of the Grain of Mustard Seed

Wesley's Gift for Organization

The Holy Club

John Wesley: From the Journal

From the Archives: A Short Rule of Life for Priests, Lords, and Laborers

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