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'Hell House' Kits Selling Nationally

Can We Be Good Without Hell?


Highlights: Brimstone for the Broadminded
The universal religion of humankind is: We develop a good record and give it to God, and then he owes us. The gospel is: we owe God.


Directions: Is Hell Forever?
Annihilationists anticipate one ultimate destiny for the wicked, an undifferentiated nonexistence.


Directions: Can the Dead Be Converted?
A "choice" for Jesus is not like choosing a meal from a menu.

Preaching hell in a tolerant age

Article Summaries

Children of a Larger God
How good theology expands the soul.

From the Archives: Extracts from Two Sermons by Edwards

Bunyan's Understanding of the Christian Lifeā€¦
Bunyan's understanding of the Christian life as a perpetual, sometimes terrifying struggle dominated his outlook until he was finally released from prison.

From the Archives: A Barba of San Martino (1451)
This is an excerpt from a written account of the heresy trial of Filippo Regis. Waldensians were routinely questioned about their knowledge of the elusive barba—the itinerant Waldensian spiritual leaders. Such accounts are often distorted: it is unlikely a barba would have taught to deny the virgin Birth, or to deny that "the sons" could perform miracles.

The Three Rs of Moody's Theology
Three great Bible truths were central to all of Moody's preaching.

The Pilgrim's Way
The dream of reaching heaven by visiting holy sites inspired millions of medieval Christians—including Dante.

Dante and the Divine Comedy: Recommended Resources
Dante and the Divine Comedy

I Still Don't Know How He Does It
Dorothy Sayers discovers Dante.

The Root of All Kinds of Evil
The Inferno is crammed with greedy Florentines receiving their due.

Divine Imagination
By describing a pilgrimage through the realms of death, Dante shares his vision of how Christians should live.

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