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ARTICLE: Why Ask Why?

Pro-lifers Dedicate 'Unborn' Memorial

Books: Surprised by Zoe
Max De Pree marvels at the frailty-and wonder-of his granddaughter's life.


Mary rejoicing, Rachel weeping
How shall we reconcile the glorious birth of the Savior with the bloody deaths of the boys of Bethlehem?

The Emotions of Jesus
And why we need to experience them.

Books: Into the Abyss
Reconciling faith with catastrophic loss.

Yancey: A Bad Week in Hell
"How could Satan possibly allow it?"

Survivors of the Maraghar Massacre
It was truly like a contemporary Golgotha many times over.

The Missing Mother
When my prodigal son left our world, it sent me on a sojourn as well.

Pop Culture: The Hard Songs of Fernando Ortega
His music takes you where you might not have been planning to go.

Stuck on the Road to Emmaus
The secret to why we are not fulfilled.


Ministry to Missing Members

Article Summaries

One Year after the Bomb

Do I Have the Strength to Leave Him?

Helping people after a suicide
What's the best way to serve those left behind?

When a Child Dies

Burying Smokey

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