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Why Our Friends Won't Stop, Look, and Listen
We try too hard to convince people that Christianity is true without first convincing them that it might be true.

Yancey: My Gallery of Saints
Examples of Christians who dispense grace.

How Immortality Almost Killed Me
My quest for immortality and lasting significance reflects the fact that God has put eternity in the human heart.

Are We Speaking the Same Language?
What Catholics really believe about justification—and why defining our terms makes all the difference.

Justified By Works
Yes, we are justified by works. But it's whose works that's important.

John Wesley's Rule for Christian Living

Wesley's Sermon Reprints: The Almost Christian
Acts 26:28

John Wesley: From the Journal

From the Archives: True Christianity

Francis and the Waldensians

Where Did Tyndale Get His Theology?

The Pen-and-Ink Wars, or Tyndale vs. More

From the Archives: Dear Mr. More,…

From the Archives: La Nobla Leyczon (The Noble Lesson)
A 15th-century Waldensian poem

How Dickens Viewed Jesus Christ
Selected quotations from The Life of Our Lord.

Terms of the Religious Life

The Startling Puritan
The message of the greatest communicator of his age.

Come, Poor, Lost, Undone Sinner
A persuasive appeal from a powerful evangelist.

Everyday Faith in the Middle Ages: Did You Know?
Little-known or remarkable facts about everyday faith in the late Middle Ages

Antony and the Desert Fathers: From the Editors - Models or Kooks?
The questions that hover in the background of this issue are as pressing as ever.

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