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Crucified for Me

The Other Holy Day
In the rush toward Good Friday and Easter, don't forget Maundy Thursday

Is It Really a Good Friday?
"Bush meets with NRB leaders, Rivers is still in the spotlight, and other stories from around the world"

The Goodness of Good Friday
An unhappy celebration—isn't that an oxymoron?

The Passion, Eight Adagios, and an Earthquake
Haydn's Seven Last Words is a powerful guide for Good Friday meditation.

What Makes This Week Holy?
Jewish and Christian celebrations this week aren't just springtime rituals.

Ideas that Work


To Illustrate…

With More than 1,000 Dead Nigeria Faces Possible Civil War Over Religion
Plus: Is the Scandal of the Evangelical Mind over? Is it time to masculinize church vestments? Is the Antichrist here? and other topics

Court Upholds Good Friday Laws

Good Friday
You do not understand Christ till you understand His cross.

Court OKs Good Friday Holiday

Amassed Media: Talk About the Passion
The best online resources about the history, significance, and experience of Holy Week

Good Friday
Part two of The Great Reversal, a CT Classic article

Quotations to Contemplate
Quotations to contemplate on dying and eternity.

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