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Thinking about retribution.

Grace Note
My favorite Old Testament passage: Psalm 32

ARTICLE: Rehearsing Forgiveness

From Pogrom to Peacemaking
Austrian Christians help an ancient town heal its anti-Semitic past.

Northern Ireland: Christian Peace Activists Refocus on Forgiveness

A Generation of Debtors
A Gen-Xer reflects on the deficits bequeathed to his generation and on its fear of redemption.

Revelation and Homosexual Experience: A Pastoral Manifesto

Crusades: Christians Apologize for Ancient Wrongs
Christians Retrace Crusaders' Steps

Finding the Will to Embrace the Enemy
What it means to follow the crucified Christ in the midst of ethnic and racial conflict.

The Dilemmas of a Pro-Life Pastor
How churches should handle the delicate issue of abortion when nearly one-fifth of women who get abortions are sitting in our pews.

Sharing Living Water
An innovative desert ministry breaks down walls between Arab and Jewish believers.

First Lady Wants to Love Enemies
First Lady Wants to Love Enemies

South Africa: Missions Leaders Refocus on Planting New Churches

The Jesus We Never Got
Elijah stands for what I want in a God: someone to offer an escape route around life's messiest problems.

Guatemala: Peace Accord Amnesty Divides Church Leaders

The Unnatural Act of Forgiveness
Exploring Jesus' radical method of restoration.

Conversations: Like her dad, Bernice King has a dream
Bernice King talks about her father's death, her call to ministry, and what the church still needs to do about racism.

Promise Keepers: Candor, Repentance, Mark PK Latino Summit
by Andres T. Tapia in Denver

Colson: Victory over Napalm
The frail, South Vietnamese woman spoke words of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Books: Of Trains and Torture
A well-told story of a small redemption.

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