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Colorado: Parental, Charity Tax Measures Fail

Proposed Tax Amendment Targets Churches, Nonprofits

News Briefs

Istook Amendment Foes Switch Sides
Istook Amendment Foes Switch Sides

Disney Boycott Gathers Steam
Disney Boycott Gathers Steam

Update: Growing Criticism
Groups back away from Preparation for Parenting.


In Brief

Daring to Discipline America
James Dobson's influence, already huge, is growing. Can he keep his focus?

Editorial: Stay in School
Why dropping out of public education is a bad choice for Christians.

Chasing Amy
God intervened in a NOW activist's unlikely conversion

Here Comes (Yawn) the Senate Faith-Based Initiative Bill
Plus: Dobson speaks on the TNIV, the Burnham video online, and other stories from around the world.

The TNIV Battle Continues
Dobson and others launch Kept the Faith to accuse TNIV creators of violating their word and God's.

Battle for NRB Heats Up as Dobson, Moody Square Off
Robert Neff calls Focus on the Family head's actions ungodly, Dobson says he's victim of smear campaign.

Broadcasters Aim to Cool NRB Controversy
Dobson, Neff make gestures to mend wounds.

Broadcasts Include Dobson's NRB Speech on Focus and the F-Word on Network TV
The Ten Commandments, St. Benedict's business advice, and other stories.

Dobson Writes off Big Brothers/Big Sisters over Gay Volunteer Policy
Stories on new Catholic Senator Brownback and young Catholics gathering in Toronto and other articles from online sources around the world

Focus on the Family Focuses On Its Future
The Pope speaks on the abuse scandal's sadness at World Youth Day

The Next Big Battle Over School Vouchers for Religious Schools
Dobson responds to Bishara Awad, religious mutual funds are (or at least were) up, and other stories from online sources from around the world.

Dobson, Awad Debate Palestinian's Invitation
The full text of what the presidents of Focus on the Family and Bethlehem Bible College said about Hanan Ashrawi

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