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A Gospel Gold Mine or a Sinking Pyramid?
Greater Ministries International promises eye-popping returns, but investigators suspect a Ponzi.

Orthodox Land Use Angers Laity

Powell Under Fire for Advocating Different Kind of Defense Shield
Plus: Hindus attack Indian church, nation’s fourth-largest international charity accused of continued impropriety, and other stories.

Presbyterians Defeat Homosexual Ordination Proposal
Plus: Ralph Reed’s efforts to get religious groups to help Enron, a faith-based failure in D.C., and other stories.

The Slave Redemption Hoax
Plus: ABWE missionaries may sue government for Peru shooting, and other stories.

Mike Warnke, Christian Solidarity International Respond to Hoax Claims. (Actually, They Don't.)
Plus other stories from around the world

Five Nigerian Christian Students Die in Texas Crash
Loads of stories about celebrating Easter in the midst of violence, scandal, terror, and chocolate

Are Christian Executives More Ethical?
ABA may endorse cloning, gray ministry, and other stories from online sources around the world.

Newspaper Raises Questions About Thomas Nelson's Financial Practices
Christian teens reconcile with their lesbian mom after suing for divorce, and other stories from online sources around the world

Florida Christian Coalition Leader and Others Arrested on Petition Fraud Charges
Are those hymns really tavern songs? And other stories from online sources around the world

Wall Watchers Admits Error in Ministry Critique
In addition, three other organizations removed from group's Transparency Watch list

ALL or Nothing
Randall Terry's $432,000 home, and other stories from online sources around the world.

Greater Ministries Found Guilty of 'One of the Largest Ponzi-Type Schemes Ever Investigated'
"Families On Line heads arrested, confusion at the White House over whether to move forward with faith-based initiative, and other stories from mainstream media sources"

Taxes Financial Warfare Club Under Legal Cloud
Maryland attorney general issues cease and desist order against company aimed at African-American Christians

"Antinori Team Says, 'Send In the Clones'"
Taliban officials display evidence and the Roman Catholic Church endorses a controversial molestation bill.

If It's Too Good to Be True...
A dose of skepticism is okay even with fellow Christians

Did the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability Pull Its Punches?
"Christian high school and seminary under fire for alleged sexual assault connections, and a DD-cup for God"

The Wages of Secularism
New laws won't prevent another Enron

The Long View: Why I Don't Imitate Christ
The Christian life is not a game of Simon says.

Fraud: Financial Warfare scam targets black churches.
Feds crack down on Financial Warfare Club

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