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Stranger in a Strange Land

Highlights: Ordained to Poverty?
The state of pastors' finances

Orthodox Land Use Angers Laity

Finance: Baptist Foundation of America Lands in Bankruptcy Court
Troubled agency, accused of lawbreaking, offers restructuring plan.

Greater Ministries Found Guilty of 'One of the Largest Ponzi-Type Schemes Ever Investigated'
"Families On Line heads arrested, confusion at the White House over whether to move forward with faith-based initiative, and other stories from mainstream media sources"

How to Spell Debt Relief
"The Jubilee movement convinced the world to write down the debt of impoverished nations, but the strings attached provoke fresh debate on economic justice"

Debt Relief Pledged

Private Debt: The Final Frontier
Broadening relief to include middle-income countries with private bank debt would be tricky

Investor Fury: Elderly Investors Target Accountant
But Baptist Foundation of Arizona victims will have to wait in line

"Strengthen Christian Presence In The Holy Land, Carey Pleads"
Middle-East leaders asked to help tone down violence that has killed 650 in 10 months

If It's Too Good to Be True...
A dose of skepticism is okay even with fellow Christians

Diocese Deep-Sixed: Legal Bills Sink Canadian Diocese
"Church, government still wrestling over ending lawsuits"

Salem Buys for $4.1 Million
"Philippine military botches rescue attempt, but calls it a success"

Creative, Courageous Care

Corporate Worship
Church signs—and billboards—attract passersby

Baptists Face Serious Financial Shortfall
Giving decreases surprise observers

Running Out of Miracles
Big Idea creator Phil Vischer had his dream crumble, but he's no longer s-scared.

IRS Raids Home and Business of Creationist
Plus: Terror at a Pittsburgh church, England's gay priest gets a top position, and other stories from online sources around the world

China Cracks Down on Christian Music
Plus: Support gambling or be fired, newly promoted Jeffrey John promotes gay unions, and other stories from online sources around the world.

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