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Highlights: Adventures in Fasting
I tried fasting, and instead of insights I got irritable.

Latin Americans Target Continent

Editorial: Not a Fast Fix
It's hard to fast, and even harder to do it for the right reasons.

Hungry for God
Why more and more Christians are fasting for revival.

How Healthy Is Fasting?

The Fatted Faithful
Why the church may be harmful to your waistline.


Heart & Soul

The Orthodox Art/Ministry of Icons

From the Archives: On the Prayer of Faith

Worship in the Early Church: Did You Know?
Little-known or remarkable facts about worship in the early church

George Whitefield: Did You Know?
Little-known or remarkable facts about George Whitefield

The Crusades: From the Editor - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

When the Sermon Reigned
No activity shaped Puritans more than their "plain" preaching. Here's what it was like.

How We Got Our Bible: From the Apostles To You

Ascetic Superstars
Irish monks and nuns are famous for their spiritual heroics.

Antony and the Desert Fathers: Did You Know?
Spiritual Wisdom of the Desert Fathers

The Best There Ever Was
Modern Christian hermits still look to him for inspiration, as did the entire Middle Ages, but today we hardly know him. What did the illiterate recluse, known as Antony of the Desert, do to earn such adulation?

Diet For a Large Soul
What monks meant by fasting, and what they ate when they didn't.

Alone in the Desert?
Why thousands of early Christians took up the monastic way.

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