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Jerry Falwell: Jerry Falwell's Uncertain Legacy
"Pastor, chancellor, and self-proclaimed prophet is staging a comeback to secure his standing as a leading evangelical."

News Extra: Bakker: Falwell Was 'Totalitarian'

Libery University: Falwell's Son Could Carry on the Legacy

The Education of Ed Dobson, Part 1
How a lieutenant in the Moral Majority rediscovered the power of the local church.

The Education of Ed Dobson, Part 2



Liberty Names Interim President
Liberty Names Interim President

Finance: Moon-Related Funds Filter to Evangelicals

Falwell Denounces Operation Rescue
Falwell Denounces Operation Rescue

Falwell Plans Biggest Sanctuary

Hungry for God
Why more and more Christians are fasting for revival.

Homosexuality: Falwell Tames His Tongue
Moral Majority founder promises to tone down anti-gay speech at meeting with homosexuals.

The Coming Secular Apocalypse
How a computer bug is breeding prophecy, plans, and polemics in the church.

Building Outreach and Friendship with the Homosexual Community
What Jerry Falwell really said at the Anti-Violence Forum.

In offering their confessional book, Cal Thomas and Ed Dobson have made an important contribution to the ongoing discussion about Christians and politics ["Is the Religious Right Finished?" Sept. 6].

The Moral Minority
Paul Weyrich was once a founding father of the Religious Right. In 1999, he explained to CT readers why it was time to give up the Moral Majority fight.

We Can't Stop Now, by Ralph Reed
Ralph Reed is a Republican strategist, president of Century Strategies, author of Active Faith (Free Press), and former executive director of the Christian Coalition.

Have We Settled for Caesar?, by Cal Thomas
Cal Thomas is a syndicated columnist and the coauthor (with Edward Dobson) of Blinded by Might: Can the Religious Right Save America? (Zondervan). From 1980 to 1985 he served as vice president for communications of the Moral Majority.

I'd Do It All Again
In a 1999 article, Jerry Falwell explains why Christians shouldn't give up on the Religious Right

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