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Dancing the Edge of Mystery
The new homiletics celebrates pilgrimage, not propositions.

Accept No Substitutes

Topo-sitional Preaching

Children of a Larger God
How good theology expands the soul.

Growing Edge

Growing Edge

Preaching to the Tattooed

Preaching by Number

Making Time for Joel and Jude

A Bible Series: Tying It All Together

A Book in the Hand Beats 66 on the Shelf

Blending Bible Content and Life Application

Farther In and Deeper Down
Evangelicals of all stripes are reviving the neglected art of expository preaching.

Plus: The Danger Ahead
Haddon Robinson on the precarious future of evangelical preaching.


Growing Edge: Book Reviews

What Gives Preaching Its Power?
Amid so many forms of communication—multimedia, music, and more—what is it about preaching, even today, that carries life-changing power?

A New Road to Biblical Literacy
Following this path, I preached through the entire Bible in one year.

The Art of Positive and Negative Preaching

Growing Edge

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