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Up & Comers, Part 1
Fifty evangelical leaders 40 and under.

Up & Comers, Part 2

"Ex-Gays Are For Real, Says Study"
"Peru missionary pilot leaves hospital, and Christian metal band Stryper is back in black (and yellow)."

Ex-Gay Sheds the Mocking Quote Marks
The retiring head of Exodus says gay transformation ministries are more respected and effective than ever

No Easy Victory
"A plea from a Christian husband and father who, day by day, resists his homosexual desires."

Police Investigating Bishop for Saying Some Gays Can Change
Why a married woman can't cheat on her husband with another woman in New Hampshire

Are Ex-Gay Ministries the Next Big Thing?
Plus: The search for an inoffensive mascot, Philadelphia clergy protest a newspaper headline, and other stories from around the Internet

Are Conservative Christians Abusive Parents?
Plus: An ex-gay leader goes into a bar, and blaming spanking for youth violence.

Ex-Gay Leader Disciplined for Gay Bar Visit
Exodus removes John Paulk as board chairman, places him on probationary status as member.

Texas Baptists Redirect $5 Million from the SBC
Plus: Homosexual organizations disapprove of Case's donations, and Tom Mahon on a digital Sabbath.

Focus on the Family Sues Over Ex-Gay Ad Ban
Supreme Court denies Indianapolis Baptist Temple appeal, and other stories from international media sources

U.K. Ex-Gay Ministry Quits Effort, Says Trying Changing Orientation Is Hopeless
: Left Behind makes the front page of The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times, the National Prayer Breakfast, and other stories from around the world.

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