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The Foxhole Subculture

Denominations and Dinosaurs
If congregations do not adapt to a rapidly changing environment, they will become extinct.

What Would Pope Stanley Say?
A conversation with Stanley Hauerwas.

Thriving on Conflict
The very thing that makes evangelicalism attract and hold large numbers of people undercuts its effectiveness in social reform.

Snorkeling at the Seminaries

Whither Theology?

We're All Syncretists Now
Not religious, just spiritual.

The People's Church
The global evangelical upsurge and its political consequences.

Stranger in a Strange Land

Why I Didn't Endorse The Gospel of Jesus Christ: An Evangelical Celebration

Stranger in a Strange Land


A Calm Answer
… to a critique of "The Gospel of Jesus Christ: An Evangelical Celebration."

On Oden's Answer

Stranger in a Strange Land

Answering Critics of An Evangelical Celebration

Whatever Happened to Methodism?
Evangelicalism flourishes. But can it overcome the inner contradictions brought about by its success?

How Should Evangelicals Do Theology? Stop Fretting About Sure-Footedness

How Should Evangelicals Do Theology? Delete the Post from Postconservative

Divided We Grow
The long-awaited second edition of David Barrett's World Christian Encyclopedia.

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