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LETTERS: Graham: Model of Steadfastness

United Methodists Retain Ban on Homosexual Ordinations

Bill Moyers's National Bible Study
This Southern Baptist preacher-turned-journalist wants to get America talking about the stories of Genesis.

Books:Betraying the Reformation?
Two responses to R. C. Sproul's critical assessment of the ecumenical document "Evangelicals and Catholics Together."

Spain: Evangelicals Weary of 'Cult' Label
Evangelicals Weary of Religious 'Cult' Label

Ecumenism: Back to the Drawing Board for Ecumenism?
Some clergy resist Lutheran-Episcopal concordat.

Presbyterians: Assembly Favors 'Integrity' Not 'Chastity' for Leaders

Evangelicals and Catholics Together: A New Initiative
"The Gift of Salvation" A remarkable statement on what we mean by the gospel.

Churches Tune Out Ecumenical Duet
Churches Tune Out Ecumenical Duet

Crusade: Latino Catholics Boost Graham Crusade Attendance

1998 Christianity Today Book Awards

Lutherans, Catholics Step Closer
Lutherans, Catholics Step Closer

The Real Reformers are Traditionalists
If there is no immune system to resist heresy, there will soon be nothing but the teeming infestation of heresy.

Theology: Evangelicals, Catholics Issue Salvation Accord

Letters: Responding to Karla Faye

Evangelism: Groups Battle over Catholic Outreach

Latter Day Saints: Reorganized Latter Day Saints Aim to Grow After Revising Doctrines

Books: A Library in a Book
Raymond Brown provides an excellent synthesis of contemporary New Testament scholarship.

News Briefs

Church Readies 1700th Anniversary Amid Assassinations New Leadership
New head of Armenian Apostolic Church wants to bring order

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