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Let the Dead Heal Us
Recovering the pastoral motivation of classical Christian theology.

Future Perfect
A conversation with Wolfhart Pannenberg.

Popular Culture: The Film Dogma Is Anti-Dogma
After the furor, Kevin Smith's film seems flawed but oddly touching

Avoiding errors in your applications

Three Wise Men from the East
The Cappadocian Fathers brought the best gift of all: a powerful scriptural defense of the Trinity and Christ's divinity against the Arian heretics.

The Young and the Restless
The next generation rediscovers orthodoxy

Everywhere, Always, and by All
Scripture and tradition, revisited

Tangling with Wolves
Why we still need heresy trials

Evangelical Drift
Outsiders say we're the status quo. Our call is to prove them wrong.

Editorial:God vs. God

Did Jesus Really Descend to Hell?

T.D. Jakes Feels Your Pain
Though critics question his theology, this fiery preacher packs arenas with a message of emotional healing.

Theology: Apologetics Journal Criticizes Jakes
Christian Research Institute publication questions preacher's view of Trinity

Mere Mormonism
Journalist Richard Ostling explores LDS culture, theology, and fans of 'crypto-Mormon' C.S. Lewis.

The Mormon-Evangelical Divide
Beliefs that set Mormons apart, and evangelicals' response.

Editorial:Reforming Sex by Rolodex

Inside CT:Answering Islam's Questions

Conversations:Carl Ellis on How Islam Is Winning Black America
Now is the time to turn the tide, says apologist Carl Ellis.

Your World:Sex and Saints
A new vocabulary for an oversexualized culture.

Saving Celtic Spirituality
Despite the mythmaking, there's a wealth of Christian truth and devotion worth recovering.

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