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Theological Lawbreaker?
A response to Stephen Williams.

Death and Texas
How a self-styled "Community Conversation" turned into an anti-conversation carried on by an anti-community.

Why I Didn't Endorse The Gospel of Jesus Christ: An Evangelical Celebration


A Calm Answer
… to a critique of "The Gospel of Jesus Christ: An Evangelical Celebration."

On Oden's Answer

Answering Critics of An Evangelical Celebration

Standing in the Crossfire

Helping Your Board Listen to God

Cacophony or Symphony?

A Crash Course in Conflict

Southern Baptist Leaders So Upset About TNIV That Denomination May Abandon NIV
Plus: Hard ministry in Las Vegas, the other Christian music boom, and more stories from around the world.

Proposed Repatriation of Vietnamese Tribal Christians May Be Flawed
The government continues to persecute believers while giving a guarantee for the safety of returning refugees.

Comparing the Three NIVs

The TNIV Battle Continues
Dobson and others launch Kept the Faith to accuse TNIV creators of violating their word and God's.

Firing Law School Dean Costs Trinity International University Millions
Gift would have made divinity school tuition-free. Plus: religion vs. racing and more stories from around the world.

Politics May Splinter NRB
Christian broadcasters may sack incoming president or bolt the organization.

New NRB President Resigns
Christian broadcasters divided over politics-religion controversy.

On Befriending Presidents
Billy Graham's relationship with Richard Nixon was already a controversy in 1972.

Graham Was Seduced By Power, Say Pundits
Plus: After Victoria's Secret special, ABC covers up for Bond, President Bush's faith, and other stories from around the world.

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