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HISTORY WARS I: Is Geography Destiny?

Development Report Card
Evangelicals follow Jesus' command to love their neighbors—within limits.

The Rules of the Capitalist Game
Hernando de Soto explains how to make capitalism work for everybody.

The Spirits Are Angry
Liberia's secret cults in the service of civil war.

Who Would Have Thought?

EDITORIAL: Our Extended, Persecuted Family

Editorial: When Relief Is Not Enough
Bread for my neighbor is a spiritual concern.

Swapping Guns for Sewing Machines

Ethnic Translators Study Hebrew at the Source

Faith Without Borders (Part 1 of 2)
How the developing world is changing the face of Christianity.

Faith Without Borders (Part 2 of 2)
How the developing world is changing the face of Christianity.

Bahamas: 'Left in the Cracks'
Despite tourism boom, churches in Bahamas find no shortage of people in need.

The Quotable Stott
Reflections on the occasion of John R.W. Stott's 80th birthday.

Christian Villages Burn Again in Central Indonesia
Protective armed forces are withdrawn before the attack

'I Never Thought I'd See Anything Like that Again'
A famine worse than that of 1984 threatens Ethiopia

Report Sounds Alarm Over Mozambique's 'Black November'
Country's progressive reputation belies violent acts like the police suffocation of 88 dissidents last year.

Coverage of About Schmidt Casts Shadow on Child Sponsorship
Oscar-nominated film is causing positive and negative ripples in the press and in relief agencies

How to Spell Debt Relief
"The Jubilee movement convinced the world to write down the debt of impoverished nations, but the strings attached provoke fresh debate on economic justice"

New Delhi Conference Condemns 'Immense Suffering' in Caste System
National Campaign for Dalit Human Rights plans to appeal to United Nations.

Ecumenical Leader Condemns Injustice of International Credit System
General secretary of the World Council of Churches complains that creditor nations get to dictate how to manage debt crisis

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