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How I realized I Was Hurting People

The Judas Touch

Blind Spot

Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards

Overwhelmed as with a Stream of Joy: An Autobiography
Translated from Marianne Beyer-Frohlich, hrsg., Pietismus und Rationalismus (Leipzig, 1933), pp. 19–20.

From the Archives: The Saint's Everlasting Rest
Richard Baxter (1615–1691)

The Bible Translator Who Shook Henry VIII
What does it take to shake a king? Ask William Tyndale. Henry VIII was a very powerful king, but Tyndale shook him at least briefly—with a power even greater.

From the Archives: Menno Simons
True and False Leaders(1539)

Money in Christian History (II): A Gallery of Good Examples Not to Follow
This issue's Gallery could more aptly be called the Christian History Rogues Gallery. These unhappy tales from the past present good examples not to follow.

Female Ministry
Excerpts from Catherine Booth's landmark pamphlet

Why Did Columbus Sail?
What your history textbooks may not have told you

John Chrysostom: A Gallery of Politicos, Pagans, and the Pious

The Life & Times of Jesus of Nazareth: A Gallery - Select Circle
What do we know about those closest to Jesus?

Huguenots and the Wars of Religion: The Gallery - The Inner Circle
Huguenot intrigues swirled around a handful of key figures.

Taming Ambition

The Performance Factor

Making the Right Moves

New Fuel Source

Getting Ahead in Order to Serve
Why Christian ambition isn't an oxymoron

A Sureer Footing

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