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C. S. Lewis Among the Postmodernists
How to be a perspectivalist without losing your foundations.

Poetry: Why Bother?
Reading for "soul-culture."

ARTICLE: The Jesus Seminar Unmasked

Dorothy Has Her Day on Film
Cinema: Dorothy Has Her Day on Film

Books: Pastor Paul
Pastor Paul: Two new commentaries on Philippians that should be on your bookshelf.

Books: Reforming Gomorrah
Reforming Gomorrah: Judge Bork's case for censorship and other radical proposals for retaking America.

Internet: Ministry Critics Take to World Wide Web Soapbox
Ministry Critics Embrace Web's Uncensored Forum

Hurting Helpers
Will the Christian counseling movement live up to its promise

Boy Preacher Turns Friendly Critic
An interview with William Martin.

Apology Follows Hanegraaff Attack
Apology Follows Hanegraaff Attack

Churches Tune Out Ecumenical Duet
Churches Tune Out Ecumenical Duet

Directions: Did Paul Baptize for the Dead?
The most plausible interpretation is that some in Corinth were getting baptized vicariously for the dead.

Classic & Contemporary Excerpts

Believers Charitable to Male Gigolo
What Christian critics are saying about Toy Story 2, The Green Mile, and other top films.

Christian Reviewers Reject This Sunday
What film critics in the religious media are saying about Any Given Sunday, The Talented Mr. Ripley, and other top films

Why I Hate The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc
Ron Maxwell, director of Gettysburg and an upcoming Joan of Arc film (tentatively titled The Virgin Warrior) lets loose on his competition.

The Greatest Pokemon Match Ever: Pikachu vs. God at the Cineplex
What Christian film critics are saying about this week's top movies.

Smile God Loves You!
Kevin Smith's Dogma isn't just nonblasphemous, it is a presentation of Christianity to an unreached people group.

The Messenger: A Story of Joan of Arc
Luc Besson's new film isn't nearly as good as the true story, nor is his Joan truly a messenger.

Eighteen James Bond Films Were Not Enough
How Christian film critics rated this week's top movies.

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