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Puzzles and Dreams

ARTICLE: Who Do Scholars Say That I Am?


Classic and contemporary excerpts

Training to Reach the Top

325 The First Council of Nicea
At stake in the church's first general council was the simplest, yet most profound, question: Who is Jesus Christ?

461 The Council of Chalcedon
If Jesus was truly God, how could he be truly human as well? Leo the Great helped guide a critical council to a clear answer.

Important Events in Church History: Christian History Timeline

Luther's Will and Testaments
He bequeathed statements of belief that guide millions of Christians today.

Disciples of Reason
What did the founding fathers really believe?

Heresy in the Early Church: Did You Know?
Remarkable or little-known facts about heresy in the early church

A Hammer Struck at Heresy
What exactly happened at the famous Council of Nicea, when the Roman emperor convened some 250 quarreling Christian bishops?

The Defining Moment
Key portions of the church's most important theological statement

Finding the Truth
How the earliest church decided Marcion and the Gnostics, among others, were wrong.

The Great Divorce
For centuries Christians East and West lived as strangers to one another. Then Catholics violated the Orthodox.

Better the Infidel
Why two attempts at reunion were rejected by the Orthodox people.

The Counsels of Christ
The Orthodox believe Jesus' voice can still be heard in the seven ecumenical councils.

Right Jabs and Left Hooks
All fundamentalists fought with modernists—but not for the same reasons or in the same way.

Southern Baptists: To Sign or Not to Sign?
Some Southern Baptist missionaries balk at revised statement.

What Heresy?
The things Neo-Gnostic seekers find lacking in Christianity-experiential insight, mysticism, a direct link to God-are already there

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