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ARTICLE: Politics and Religion Do Mix

Jury Still Out on Homosexual Ordination

'The Right to Parent': Should It Be Fundamental?

CHARLES COLSON: Christian v. America


Plymouth Brethren Ministry Feud Ends

Editorial: Judging the Justices
Yes, the judiciary is usurping the powers of the people, but talk of revolution is alarmist.

Washington: Military Chaplains Sue Over 'Project Life' Ban

News Briefs

Christians Protest Welfare Cutbacks

Jehovah's Witnesses Jailed in Singapore for Meeting

News Briefs

Proposed Tax Amendment Targets Churches, Nonprofits

Ex-Deacon Guilty in Securities Scam
California: Ex-Deacon Guilty in Securities Scam

Internet: Ministry Critics Take to World Wide Web Soapbox
Ministry Critics Embrace Web's Uncensored Forum

New ERA: Bennett to Use Insanity Defense at Trial
Bennett Indicted on 82 Counts

Congress: Clinton Signs Law Backing Heterosexual Marriage
Clinton Signs Law Backing Heterosexual Marriage

Education: Voucher Opponents Vow to Gut Cleveland Program

Colson: Why Not Gay Marriage?
If people believe marriage is just an invention, then they will feel free to change it, redefine it, or even discard it.

Court Voids Holiday Exemption Law

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