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The Gospel According to Isaiah

Václav Havel's Improbable Life

That Old-Time Religion
The surprising source of Václav Havel's hope.

Abolition's Hidden History
How black argument led to white commitment.

Classic & Contemporary Excerpts

Article Summaries

Zinzendorf and the Moravians: A Gallery of Leading Figures

Missionaries Against Terrible Odds
From a contemporary translation by Kate Hettasch of Geschichte der Mission der evangelicschen Bruder auf den Caraibischen Inseln, S. Thomas, S. Crocr, und S Jan, Barby, 1777 by Christian Georg Andreas Oldendorp.

The Moravians and John Wesley

Wesley to Wilberforce
John WesIey's last letter from his deathbed

From the Archives: The Shepherd
Zwingli's Historic Reformation Sermon

Black Death Inspires Zwingli's Plague Hymn

From the Archives: Zwingli's Death on the Battlefield of Kappel in 1531

From the Martyr's Mirror
The Story of Hans Bret, Died January 1577

Showing Them How to Die; Showing Them How to Live
This story of the Michael Sattler family, the Paul Glock family, and the Klaus von Grafeneck family has never been told before. On the surface, it is not a story at all but two rather isolated Anabaptist events, one in the 1520s involving Michael Sattler and one in the 1550s–70s involving Paul Glock. The courage and spirit displayed in these events, however, touched the lives of the van Grafenecks and make one historical vignette about the witness of dying and living in the spirit of Christ.

From the Archives: A Winter Baptism

From the Archives: A Day in the Life of William Carey

Bunyan's Understanding of the Christian Life…
Bunyan's understanding of the Christian life as a perpetual, sometimes terrifying struggle dominated his outlook until he was finally released from prison.

From the Archives: The Sinner and the Spider

Idelette: John Calvin's Search for the Right Wife
You don't look to the life of John Calvin for humor, but Calvin's quest for a wife would make grist for a twentieth-century situation comedy.

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