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Gender Prohibition
From all-male saloons to cocktail lounges for everyone.

Zambia: President Disillusions Christians

Wycliffe's England: A Time of Turmoil

From the Archives: The Two Kingdoms

Can These Bones Live?
A spiritual hunger grew in reaction to the coldness and formalism of the Protestant state churches. Drawing from diverse roots, Pietism emerged as a quest to apply Reformation doctrine to personal life.

From the Archives: On the Advantages of an Inventory of Relics

The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart
A Synopsis of the Imaginative Work by Comenius

Selling Forgiveness: How Money Sparked the Protestant Reformation

Augustine's Enchiridion: A Handbook for Earthy Christian Living
A Handbook for "Earthy" Christian Living

William Tyndale: Did You Know?

The Church That Tyndale Fought

William Tyndale: A Gallery of Characters in Tyndale's Story

The Urge for Poverty
Christian Asceticism from the Early Church Through the Reformation

Money in Christian History (II): A Gallery of Good Examples Not to Follow
This issue's Gallery could more aptly be called the Christian History Rogues Gallery. These unhappy tales from the past present good examples not to follow.

Money in Christian History (II): Christian History Timeline - Dates and Events Regarding Money

The World of Schwenckfeld's Birth

From the Archives: Waldensian Legend Concerning the Donation of Constantine to Pope Sylvester (date unknown)
This early document tells in a remarkable and fanciful form the Waldensian story of how the Church had come to compromise with the world. Though The Poor were not around until the 12th century, mention is here made of their presence in the 4th century. They could, however, claim solidarity with ancient Christians who rejected worldly wealth and power.

1517 Luther Posts the 95 Theses
An obscure monk invited debate on a pressing church issue—and touched off a history-shattering reform movement.

1545 The Council of Trent Begins
Responding to the Reformation, the council charted the Catholic church's course for the next 400 years.

The Life and Death of a Modern Martyr
Born into privilege, Dietrich Bonhoeffer was headed toward a brilliant career as a theologian. Then he came to see life "from the perspective of those who suffer." In Nazi Germany, that cost him his life.

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