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Stranger in a Strange Land

Protest and Conversion
Is conversion more about this world than the next?

The Problem of Edith Stein
German Jew, Catholic nun, Holocaust victim, saint.

To the Jews First
Jewish evangelization from the heyday of dispensationalism to the rise of Messianic Judaism.

'Roe' and 'Doe' Tell Their Stories

Martyrdom: Another Iranian Pastor Killed

New Film Lionizes Hustler's Flynt

Kuwait: Persecuted Convert Flees to America
Muslim Convert Hussein Flees Kuwait for United States

News Briefs

Did They Have to Die?
Forty years after five missionaries lost their lives in the Ecuadorian jungle, the killers explain what really happened.

A Prophet Out of Harlem
Willing to tell the hard truth, evangelist Tom Skinner inspired a generation of leaders.

Argentina: Prison Ward Becomes Model Church

Kuwait: Arab Press Says Hussein Has Returned to Islam

Nathanson Baptized into Catholicism
Silent Scream's Nathanson Baptized

CT Classic: Why I’m Not Orthodox
An evangelical explores the ancient and alien world of the Eastern church.

Going to the Prayer Mat for Jesus

Ethnic Politics Suppresses Outreach

Pop Culture: Hollywood's Renegade Apostle
Unless films like The Apostle succeed, other worthy motion pictures stand little chance of being produced.

Books: There's More to Church than Proclamation
Wolfhart Pannenberg's sacramental theology.

Higher Education: Universities Question Orthodox Conversions

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