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BOOKS: Aweless

Church Growth: The Cost of Discipleship?
Despite allegations of abuse of authority, the International Churches of Christ expands rapidly.

Update: Growing Criticism
Groups back away from Preparation for Parenting.

Turning Pew Sitters into Players

Turn It the Other Way


Building Your Leaders

Risking Lay Ministry

Accountability That Makes Sense

Freed From Control

Secrets of Islam's Success
It spread faster than any other religion in history. Here are some reasons why.

The Pact of Umar
Islamic protection came with a price.

Andy Crouch: Promises, Promises
Our technology works. But all idols do at first

Readers' Forum: Truth at Risk
Six leading openness theologians say that many assumptions made about their views are simply wrong

Controlling the Flow of Information

Surviving a Power Play

Weighing Character

Does God Know Your Next Move?

Thou Shalt Be Cool
This enduring American slang leaves plenty out in the cold.

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